5 reasons to move out of New York

New York city. A huge and bustling place filled with all walks of life. A place of opportunity and extravagance. Many people are thinking about living in New York and believe that it would be the best thing ever. However, there are many people who already live in New York City, and are fed up with all the rushing, crowded places wherever you go, and simply the costs of living. It is quite normal to feel this. So these people want to move out of New York City. What are the exact reasons you should move out of New York. We have compiled a list of 5 reasons why you should move out of New York.

new york city skyline
Life in the big city can be thrill-inducing.

Reason #1: It is not the only great city in the world

New York City is one of the most popular places to live in because of all the opportunities you have there. However, it is not the only great city in the world. Moving out of New York to some other big city can be a very intriguing idea. Even though the Big Apple has its charm, there are many more cities with their own kind of charm. When you compare New York to some of the European largest cities, you will be staggered by the difference. But the difference is mainly in the bad things. European cities have lower costs of living, much lower crime rates, different social politics, and simply stunning architecture. The opportunities are still there if you are looking for a job. So, try to find a city that will fit your standards and start planning your move!

Reason #2: A huge price difference

This huge price difference applies to everything in life. Not just apartment costs, but also groceries, bar tabs, and every single other thing you can think of. The rent may be the same only if you choose to move to, for example, Los Angeles, or other huge metropolitan area. However, if you choose to live in a smaller town, you will be surprised by the amazing price difference. It makes life a lot easier. There are many people who have to work two or more jobs in order to sustain themselves. Outside of New York, this is just an ill thought.
You also won’t need to have a roommate. Sometimes you just want to relax on your own in your home knowing that there isn’t anyone you have to pay attention to. Lower rent prices mean higher flexibility. You can find a roommate and live in a more expensive apartment. But the main idea is, you do not have to, you can live by yourself in a cheaper apartment without sacrificing much of your pay check.

Reason #3: Much more spacious environments

A big reason people want to move out of New York City are the small apartments. You will never have to explain to your friends why is there a shower in the living room. Or to avoid a steaming hot pipe located in your kitchen. In other cities, you can have larger rooms with plenty of space. You will also have space for closets, something only a small percentage of New York dwellers can brag about. If you live in a house, you will also have a garden.
Living in New York and having a garden can only be a long distant dream. Well, should you decide to move out of Park Slope, that dream will become a reality.  There is also a huge degree of comfort when you do not have to rush everywhere. There will be less competition in other cities, just because of the smaller number of citizens. The sheer amount of New York residents make it hard to actually get anywhere.

Reason #4: Leaving the concrete jungle

This is one of the main reasons people want to move out of New York City. There is a big possibility you will get tired of looking at concrete and gray, depressing buildings, city lights, and the constant smell of gasoline. Honking during the night is almost non-existent outside of the big metropolitan areas such as New York. This is why people leave the Big Apple in order to live in more quiet places.
Smaller places are much more in touch with nature and some people absolutely need this change in their life. Getting more in touch with nature is very much stress reducing and relaxing. Being able to take a stroll through the huge park, or even go camping in the woods is a big reason people are moving out of New York. Constant fumes can also affect your health. Lung problems may arise just because you live in a highly populated city in which everyone is driving and polluting the air. Big cities also mean big factories that can also affect your whole well being.

pollution is making people move out of New York
Pollution is a big reason people want to move out of NY

Reason #5: Much better places to start a family

This is where the crime rates come into the picture a bit more. Also, most things mentioned in the previous paragraph have a positive impact in a child’s life. Fresh air, a lot of parks, nature, and lower costs of living are a very important aspect of smaller cities. You will be able to afford more for your child if the costs of living are lower. The crime rates are something that every parent should keep in mind. In huge metropolitan areas this statistic is blooming and all the efforts to reduce it have had little to no impact. Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is a company that specializes in moving families. They will be the mediators of your new family life in a new, smaller city.

green park
Sights like these are very rare in huge metropolitan areas


All these reasons are important to consider when you want to move out of NY. Creating a better and more healthy life is just one decision away. Make sure to think carefully and make the right decision.