6 reasons why Canada millennials love New York City

Millennials love New York City. From all over the world this city is a complete phenomenon to this generation. If you are not sure who is considered to be a millennial nowadays, it’s people born between 1982 and 1997. Sometimes referred to as Gen Y but the nickname millennials took better. There are a few reasons why is NYC so popular amongst them. Especially for the ones from Canada. So, read on to see 6 reasons why Canada millennials love New York City.

Sex and the City generation

One of the reasons why Canada millennials love New York City is because they are raised on TV shows that were all about this city. The TV show Sex and the City, for example, showed all the love true New Yorkers have for their city. That’s why all the kids from that age were fascinated with this city. Even younger generations of millennials who maybe didn’t watch this show watched others like Gossip Girl that was also all about how great this city is. Especially the Upper East Side, and truth be told it really is, we simply can’t deny it.

Brooklyn Bridge
Some of the best TV shows were about New York.

Job Opportunities

Canada is a great state and has something that the USA won’t ever have (probably) – free healthcare. There is something that New York City has more than any other city in the world. Job Opportunities for young professionals, and that’s why people are willing to pay the high prices to live here in order to get some amazing job opportunities. Many success stories started in New York City.

Night Life

They call it “The City that never sleeps” for a reason. When it comes to nightlife there is no better place. All the most world-wide-known stand-up comics are here almost every night. There is even a vivid adult entertainment scene. There are some of the best bars and clubs here also. Some of them are so exclusive that it’s almost impossible to get in unless you know someone. The music scene is also the best. All in all this city can fulfill all your nightlife dreams and desires.

Diversity and acceptance

If you ever watched any season of Ru Pauls Drag Race you probably noticed a phenomenon called “New York Drag Queens”. This is not a coincidence. Those drag queens are the best because of their city. They never had the need to hide in New York simply because they were accepted and celebrated. This city is full of people with many different religions, skin colors, sex preferences that everything is considered to be normal. That is very liberating and quite nice about this city. Of course, you can find racism in every town but there are more open-minded people than you can possibly imagine. Also, this city is full of Canadians so it will be quite easy to fit in and find friends from the old country.

Drag Queen preforming
Your skin color, religion, sexual preferences, or fashion choices here won’t matter. Everyone feels accepted in NYC.

Education is one of the reasons why Canada millennials love New York City

Younger generations of millennials love New York City because of the schools ( Ivy League ). It’s easy to apply from Canada to any Ivy League school and get a student visa. This is done so often that it became a standard practice. Having an Ivy League education on your resume can mean a lot for your future and that’s why they start preparing for schools like Yale or Harvard early on.

School bus
This city has the best schools.


This is where fashion is born. Models are here for the best jobs in the industry. Fashion students need to be here for all the best internships. Vogue is here. This is the city where it gets decided what is the latest trends. It girls are here. And if you are in the mood for shopping, there is no better place, just go to SoHo and you will find everything you are looking for.

Relocating from Canada to New York

Any relocation can be a bit overwhelming and stressful. That’s why people usually start with planning and preparing as soon as they know when they will be moving. The sooner you start the more time you will have to prepare and pack all your belongings. Packing in a hurry can lead to forgetting stuff. If you think that this relocation can be a bit too much for you, know that many people actually hire professional movers like capitalcitymovers.us to help them out. Movers can be the only way to avoid all that heavy lifting and added stress in your everyday life.

Additional help you might need

It’s very common to need additional help while moving in especially in a city like New York. You will be able to easily find professionals nearby to help you to unpack and settle in. They can also help you if you need storage near your new place. This is very common in NYC since the prices are high so people get smaller apartments and that’s why they need to rent storage space. There is a variety of services movers can provide you with, so give them a call and tell them everything you need. They will also be able to tell you a price estimate and then you can plan your budget.

Adapting to New York City

This city is unlike any other in the world and there are some things you will need to get used to. But as soon as you unpack you can start with exploring and learning more about this great city that millennials love so much. To become a true New Yorker you need to live there for at least 10 years. In the meantime, you will be exploring all that this city has to offer you. Good luck with your new adventure and upcoming relocation. Remember, start with planning and packing as soon as possible.