Places in California where Canada seniors feel at home

Since you are planning to leave Canada and retire in California, you need to find one of the best cities to do that. Even though the Golden State is a famous destination for seniors, still, this transition requires homework. When you equip yourself with the knowledge, you will discover what to expect and how your lifestyle will change. Considering you are moving to CA from Canada, this is something you must handle properly. Only thanks to that you will be able to prepare for a completely new life in this state. All that’s left is to learn how to find one of the best places in California where Canada seniors feel at home! To do that, check out these cities below that are worthy of your attention!

Why the Golden State would be perfect for settling down?

Here are some reasons that make California desirable for Canadian seniors:

  • The outstanding healthcare system.
  • Even though CA is pricey, you can find an affordable place to be your new residence.
  • Numerous recreation option that will keep you active.
  • Access to the beach, numerous amenities, and attractions.
  • Considering the state has lots to offer, you will also have plenty of benefits as a senior here.

If you want to leave Canada for CA, you need to learn how to get US citizenship first. Then, find the right city to be your home, and prepare yourself for househunting. When movers help you settle in, you can get ready to experience the one-of-a-kind lifestyle that California has to offer!

California, map. Use it to find one of the best places in California where Canada seniors feel at home.
If you can, make sure to visit California a few times before you decide to leave Canada!

When moving from Canada to California

Before you get to finding the right location for seniors in CA, you need to learn something about the relocating project. However, since you are getting ready to move out of the country, the entire process is becoming more serious. That’s why whatever assistance you may need to accomplish this mission, it would be wise to have dependable movers by your side. These people are professional and properly prepared for performing relocations. So, all you have to do is to inform them about your specifications so the experts can provide you with the necessary services. Another important thing that concerns moving is that some companies offer a discount for senior citizens. 

Santa Rosa is one of the best places in California where Canada seniors feel at home

The first location you should check out is Santa Rosa. This special spot is only 40 minutes away from the ocean. And it is one hour away from the wineries and vineyards of Napa Valley. When it comes to other things, you should know that Santa Rosa is home to great senior centers. There you will have a wide range of assistances that are adapted to specific needs. So, to equip for this lifestyle, learn how the packing for international relocation 101 works, and make sure your belongings are ready for transport. After you arrive in Santa Rosa, you will have plenty of time to enjoy everything this part of CA has to offer.

Los Angeles

Whether you are living in LA’s senior center or on your own, here’s the assistance you can expect from the people in the city:

  • In LA, you will have world-class health and nursing care.
  • Here, you can hire someone to deliver you meals. 
  • In case, you request any aid with household chores, you can easily find the right people to do the job for you.
  • Apart from that, you can also have someone at your disposal when you need any transportation or shopping duties.
  • And lastly, in LA, you will also be provided with counseling, advocacy, and legal services if you require so!

Well, if you are planning to leave Canada for this city, you should consider having someone like Los Angeles Transfer and Storage at your disposal. This company will help you transfer your properties in no time, and thanks to them, you can start enjoying LA and everything else that it has to offer right after the movement is over. 

Los Angeles.
Los Angeles is for sure one of the best places in California where Canada seniors feel at home.

Burbank is another location in California where Canadian seniors feel at home

Burbank is a great place to settle down for so many reasons. This spot isn’t only the right fit for seniors here, you will also find people of all ages. Things that will allure you to this part of California are its transportation convenience, proximity to numerous attractions considering here is a WB studio, and of course, its peaceful environment. 

When it comes to seniors, in Burbank, perhaps one of the best areas to settle down is Mcneil. Here, you will get a few senior centers to choose from along with many other housing options. So, whatever accommodation you select, you can easily find experts in this area to help you settle in. Just make sure you are happy with that decision because your life in Burbank will be completely different than why you used to in Canada.

San Diego 

San Diego is also one of the places in California where Canada seniors feel at home. Here, you will feel accepted in no time because this place is home to almost half a million other people like you. If you decide to move from Canada to San Diego, you won’t make a mistake. However, in this city, the percentage of the number of seniors is increasing over the years. So, if you like oceanfront landscapes and checking numerous amenities, well, you should start collecting some tips for moving abroad right away!

Older woman is biking.
In CA, you will have various activities that are adapted to seniors’ needs!

One more spot in California where Canada seniors feel at home – Vallejo

Vallejo is also home to many senior centers. This location has some communities that are perfect for everyone who needs specific help in some things. Apart from that, Vallejo offers a variety of other activities and attractions that drawn so many seniors not just from the US, but also from other countries. The senior population in Vallejo is known for its ambition, capability, and creativity. Anyway, if you are still in the game for many adventures, this is the place you can settle down in!