Tips for moving abroad

Moving can be so stressful and terrified, especially if you are moving overseas or anywhere far away. Living in a different and new country is an exciting but also stressful life experience. New people, tradition, maybe language, all of that affect you. That is why you need tips for moving abroad. When you are prepared, nothing can surprise you. What does it mean? Learn quickly and start as soon as you can. So, let’s begin.

Useful tips for moving abroad

Long distance moving is more demanding than moving across the street, of course, that is why you will need some extra tips for packing and moving abroad. There are many ways you can survive your relocation, but we will show you some of them.

Save money

You should save your money when you are moving abroad because you never know what may happen. So, save money as much as you can. Different country means different taxes, fees, rent, utilities…Then you have to pay for a visa and for moving too. The best option is to have a saving for the first six months. Do a research when moving about taxes and fees in a new country. Find a way to save the money. For example, find an affordable moving company, pack your own boxes, do not buy a new furniture and wardrobe before moving, cook at home…

A golden piggy bank.
When moving it is very important to save money and to have it enough for a couple of months after moving.

Make a copy of all important documents

Make a copy of your passport and passports of your family if you are all moving together. Also, copy a driver’s license, birth certificate, etc. You never know when you may need them. It is very helpful to have one box or file with all those important documents when you have a long distance move. You can save them on your computer too.

Signing documents and visa for relocation
Make a copy of documents such as passport and do a double check of your visa.

Check your visa requirements

Double check your visa and other documents for your relocation. Some countries require medical records, a proof that you have no criminal records, etc. Get a lawyer to be sure you have everything that you may need in a new country. And, if you are moving for a job, then your company will finish everything. But, even after that, do a double check. You do not want an additional problem with your visa or any other document.

Renting an apartment

Do not rent an apartment without seeing it first. If you will visit a new country before moving, use that opportunity to rent a house or apartment. If you are not able to travel before moving then it is better to be a couple of week in a hotel than to rent a place you did not see. Anything can happen, so beware. And, do not rent a big apartment right after the relocation. Do not forget a step about saving money.

Notify people that you are moving

Moving abroad can be such an exhausting relocation and it is easy to forget even the most important things. That is why you should write all those tips for moving abroad and to create a little checklist. One of the steps is to notify the bank for example, that you are moving. Not just the people you love. Notify your bank twice that you are leaving the country, to be sure. Also, call your friends and family, and make sure you will stay in touch after moving too.

A healthcare

Plan ahead. Make an appointment with your doctor before a move. After that, check if your health care provider will cover you while you are out of state. Also, if you have any medical therapy, check if the medications you use are permitted in the new country you will live in.

Unlock your cellphone

If you do not want to buy a new phone in a new country, then you should unlock the current one. Because if you are moving for a long-term, then you should have a local SIM card. That is how you will save a money when you call your friends and family back home and of course new friends in a new state.

A cellphone on a world map.
Call your bank, friends, and family. And, do not forget to unlock your cell phone so you can use any SIM card.

Hire a moving company for moving abroad

This is the step you cannot skip when you are moving abroad, especially overseas. How to choose a company for your international move?

  • Get recommendations, as many as you can. We can recommend you Verified Movers because they have a lot of experience with abroad and local moving and good moving and packing professionals.
  • Check the company before you hire them. Ask for referrals. Three or four will be enough.
  • Check their license and insurance policy. Maybe you will need an additional insurance.
  • Read the reviews and feeds online. It is never enough with researching about tips for moving abroad. Better safe than sorry. 
  • Get the in-door estimate of the items you will move. The price is the major factor when you move, but do not choose the cheapest moving company. It can be a fraud.

Those were one of the most important tips for moving abroad, no matter where. Be prepared and organized for your big moving. Write it all down and create a checklist of your “to-do” things. Moving abroad is an exciting life experience, so try to enjoy and to try new and fun things. Explore a new culture and learn about their history and tradition. Good luck with your abroad relocation!