All the charms of Toronto nightlife

Most people think about snow and free health care when they think about Canada. While the high quality of living and a strong economy are the main perks of this country, the fact is that this is a very diverse environment, with a lot to offer. That especially goes for its big cities, like Toronto. Residents of this city are friendly and welcoming, but they also know how to have fun. During the day, but also during the night. In fact, Toronto nightlife is even more vibrant and wild than you can even imagine.

Living in Toronto

Like every city, Toronto has its pros and cons. Will you like it here, depending on your personal interest. That said, Toronto is truly a city that has it all.
Diverse environment, friendly Canadian spirit, beautiful nature that surrounds it, an abundance of activities, amazing art, and cultural scene, great dining opportunities, and bustling nightlife.
So it’s no wonder why many newcomers, especially millennials, are choosing it as a new home.
Of course, the biggest doubt of many prospective expats is winter in Toronto.
The truth is that it really isn’t so bad. Sure, there can be a lot of snow and low temperatures, but many cities in the world have that climate. While the north parts of Canada can be hit with really harsh winters, Toronto isn’t affected by them.
In fact, it could be said that winters are the most entertaining seasons in this city.
While most nations are on the hold during the bad weather, Canadians thrive in it. There are so many marvelous things to do during the winter in Toronto, that will make you forget about the cold completely.

Toronto nightlife is great during the winter.
Canadians don’t cuddle up in their blankets waiting for the snow to melt – they take advantage of it.

So the lack of entertainment in Toronto really shouldn’t be the concern of any newcomer.
Living expenses, on the other hand, should be. Since Toronto is a big metropolis with everything to offer, it is more expensive than the other cities in Canada. So before you decide to move to this amazing city, it will be wise to establish can you afford the living expenses in Toronto.

Toronto nightlife

When you start exploring Toronto after your move, you will see how exciting this town really is.
Day or night, Toronto is a hotbed for culture, food, and entertainment. From morning to afternoon you can enjoy the various exhibits, attractions, and nice eateries. When it gets dark, Toronto nightlife illuminates the whole city, by offering all kind of entertainment option.

Toronto nightlife is very vibrant.
Whether you like dining or clubbing, you will always find a place in Toronto that will amaze you.


If your vision of going out means enjoying in the delicious food and a glass of wine rather than dancing all night, you’re in luck. Toronto has many interesting restaurants for every pocket. Whether you like fine dining, or you prefer smaller, not-so-fancy restaurants, you will always eat well in Toronto.
While Toronto isn’t making big food trends, it surely goes in the step with all the current trends. Since diversity is one of the main features of this town, you can enjoy all types of cuisine – local, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Carribean, Vietnamese, Mexican… Any country that comes to your mind, you will find the restaurant that serves its cuisine. After you move, you can start a gourmand journey and look for the best Toronto restaurants.

Dining is a big feature in the Toronto nightlife.
From fine dining to the alternative restaurants – Toronto has it all.

Nightclubs and bars

For many, crazy nightlife means hitting the clubs and dancing to the dawn. It is a perfect way to unwind after a stressful week of work and enjoy fun vibes, scoping out the crowd, and hitting the dance floor with your friends.
Toronto nightlife has a lot to offer when that kind of entertainment is in question.

Toronto nightlife has great clubs to offer.
All the clubber will be thrilled by the vast offer of clubs and bars in Toronto.

If the nightclubs are your cup of tea, that check out these places:

Club Rebel

This club is the epiphany of quality Toronto nightlife.
It has a beautiful view of the city’s skyline, modernly decorated ambiance and the steaming atmosphere. The top international performers often perform here, so you can enjoy the great concerts. It is a huge, 45,000 square foot space with an amazing 65-foot stage. There are visuals on gigantic screens behind the stage, and light features that bounce throughout the club as well as state-of-the-art light and sound systems.
On Saturday nights, beside the top performer, there is a screen playing incredible digital art of various Egyptian-influenced imagery.
This club is the pride of the Toronto nightlife and it can stand side by side with the best clubs in the world. Still, this kind of quality outing comes with a price, that isn’t on the cheap side.
You should set aside about $7.50 for a bottle of beer, while mixed drinks are about $8.50. If you decide to order the bottle of spirit, the team of girls raising bottles over their heads and waving sparklers in the air will deliver it to your table.

Club Coda

For those who like harder house and techno sound, club Coda is the best that Toronto nightlife has to offer.
It is a high caliber nightclub that properly makes use of the sprawling space. While it’s famous for amazing DJ’s nights, this club has expanded its music range, so there are also rock nights, and concerts. The dance floor is the center of the club, with a lot of space for dancing without bouncing into other people.
Comfortable booths and couches are surrounding the dance floor, as well as many bar tables where you can rest your drink. Speaking of drinks, it isn’t exactly cheap, but it doesn’t reach outrageous prices.
You can have a beer from $6.50 to $8, or a mixed drink for $7.


Wildflower isn’t your regular bar – it’s its modern version. Something between the club and a bar. It is very well-decorated, with a suspended flower bush over the DJ, giant fluorescent light tubes hanging from the ceiling and art covering the walls. There is a spacious dance floor to get wild on, and also comfortable booths and bar tables where you can relax hanging out with your friends.
Here you can get a drink at moderate prices, but the cover can be pretty expensive – from $10 to $20, depending on the night.
Still, its interesting decor, amazing atmosphere and unique vibe make it a must-visit club and a true jam of the Toronto nightlife. Certainly hearing about all of these fun places where you can spend your free time has made you think about moving here right way. If that’s the case, do not wait for much longer, and search for a trustworthy moving company, such as Stevens Worldwide which provide a big variety of moving services that fit everybody’s needs.

The best neighborhoods for Toronto nightlife

When you are choosing one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto to live in,  you have to think about your priorities. No matter what others think about them. In the end, you will be living there and it should accommodate your needs.
 If the nightlife (or its proximity)  is a feature that is important to you, then consider these neighborhoods:

  • King West
  • Queen West
  • Parkdale
  • Ossington Avenue
  • The Annex