Become a Toronto local: Moving tips

If you’re considering moving to Toronto, you’ve come to the perfect place! We’ve discussed numerous things in our previous posts, including college and stress when relocating. However, this week, we’ve decided to give you something very useful. Moving to a different city doesn’t only mean packing up everything you own. You need to take into consideration the new home which you will be soon living in. In other words, it’s always important to know about your new place of residence. So, this week, we are bringing you some moving tips on how to become a Toronto local! So, let us start with some information:

If you want to become a Toronto local quickly, know the city

Toronto is in the very South of Canada, near the border with the USA. It is the provincial capital of Ontario. But, a more interesting fact is that it lies on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario. It is a metropolis housing almost three million people altogether. However, not all of these residents have always been locals. In fact, almost 49% of people living in Toronto were born outside of Canada. So, if they learned the local ways, you can too!

Get to know the city in order to become a true Toronto local!
To become a Toronto local in a blink of an eye, know where you’re moving!

This diversity, though, is what makes Toronto such a special location for moving. You will find yourself easily fitting in, culture-wise. This city is, after all, a melting pot of different cultures. But, besides becoming a local so quickly in your culture, you ought to explore the others. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never been to Italy or China, in Toronto, you will get a glimpse and taste of these countries in Toronto. And not to even mention the friendly locals, who are more than willing to help. Due to them, Toronto has held a spot as one of the world’s most livable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

To become a Toronto local, get familiar with the weather

If you imagine eternal snow whenever you think of Canada, we might need to redirect you to Alaska. Due to the location of the city, in the very south of the country, Toronto has fairly good weather. If you’ve ever visited New York, the state, you are quite familiar with it. Toronto has all four seasons. The summers tend to be humid, but not too warm. The transitional seasons, autumn and spring, have good weather, though with a lot of rainfall in fall. So, we might suggest a tip of getting your own pair of popular wellies – rubber boots. Trust us, this is a sure and quick way to become a Toronto local when moving there. The winters do tend to get a bit harsh. However, it’s nothing a sturdy, warm coat and a hot cup of cocoa can’t fix.

If you’re moving to Toronto and want to be a local quickly, you should know your transportation

Driving isn’t essential for your existence here. Sure, if you’re in love with your car, bring it along. However, we should warn you that you may get annoyed with it pretty quickly. In order to become a Toronto local quickly, you should know the normal commute time, as well as the cost of parking. All of this together makes you wonder why you drive in the first place. So, let us introduce to you the thing which will make you a Toronto local in a split second: The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).
The TTC will take you anywhere in the city, including the whole downtown area and it isn’t overly expensive. If you want to become a local quickly, you should know that a single trip costs $3.25, while the monthly pass is $141.50. Each subway station has at least one staffed booth, where you can purchase your tickets. The others, however, will only be automatic. So, like the locals of Toronto, be prepared to use tokens or your weekly/monthly pass. If you’re switching to a streetcar or bus later on, be sure to take a paper transfer from the red machine after you pass the turnstiles. This is a definite tip on how to become a Toronto local, because otherwise, you will pay twice for the single trip.

To become a Toronto local you need to remember to pick up the paper transfer when switching from a TTC to a streetcar.
Remember to pick up a paper transfer if switching from the TTC to the streetcar like a true local!

As for the streetcars in the city, they are mostly concentrated in the downtown and waterfront area. They are just as frequent and as reliable as the TTC, so don’t worry. And, in order to become a Toronto local quickly, you should know that you will find the streetcar stop next to a red and white pole with a streetcar icon. If you want to visit the Toronto Islands, you will have to take the ferries, though.

And finally, let us give you some tips about the local supermarkets

In a city as big as Toronto, there are numerous ways to get food. From dining out in one of the restaurants with foreign food to ordering in, you will definitely be satisfied. However, if you want to become a Toronto local quickly, you should know your supermarkets. So, let us give you a short guide:

  • If you want to shop like a Toronto local, try the Loblaws

This is a supermarket chain which you will definitely fall in love with after moving to Toronto. It doesn’t only hold food, but also home décor items and usually a pharmacy. However, the reason why every local knows this store is because it also often offers affordable bulk foods and a wine store. If you want to become a Toronto local, though, you need to know that Loblaws is also called Zehrs and Fortinos in some communities.

  • And if you want to become a Toronto local while still eating organic, we suggest Whole Foods Markets and Noah’s

Locals will surely give you this Toronto moving tip, Whole Foods Markets and Noah’s are the way to eat organic. They have a number of stores across the city and they offer good quality food.

  • If convenience is what you want, here’s a tip, try Dominion Food Stores

Price Choppers and Sobeys are the places you will be looking for. If you want to become a Toronto local, you will know that Dominion Food Stores are a large chain with many locations. So, they will definitely be convenient after moving to the city.

  • If you want to know the secret affordable store of Toronto, like a local, know the No Frills

These supermarkets are definitely the cheapest in the city, as well as the rarest. They offer almost everything on your weekly shopping list, but they will be difficult to find. So, if you live next to a No Frills, you will become the most envied Toronto local in no time.

  • When looking for fish like a true Toronto local, visit Toronto’s Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market
    Toronto’s Kensington Market is the best spot for fresh fruit and vegetables, you should know this to become a Toronto local.
    To become a Toronto local quickly, you should know that Toronto’s Kensington Market is the perfect place for fresh fruit and vegetables.

These stores are infamous among the denizens of Toronto for their fresh fish, meat and baked goods. Any neighbor will tell you that they also offer a wide array of fruits, vegetables and spices, as well. So, if you’re looking to become a Toronto local quick, be sure to pay them a visit!

  • Last, but not least, when shopping for the big stuff, seek Walmart

We all know what this magnificent store means – all things in one place. Walmart in convenient and affordable, and it will offer a wide assortment of goods. So, if you want to become a Toronto local quickly, know when to pay a visit to the Walmart.