Canadians moving to Florida- We can help you

Before becoming one of Canadians moving to Florida, read about how things work there
The fact or two for Canadians moving to Florida

Canada, the first association for the most of its territory is the winter, the snow or the ice. Yes, there are some southern cities where you can feel the summer now and then. But it basically isn’t a country where you can hope for too hot summers, or enjoying the sun for too many months of the year. This is what many Canadians moving to Florida claim to be the main reason for their relocation. And, who can blame people who like summer for moving to the part of the USA called the Sunshine state! In accordance with this, exploring the moving market, we decided to write the article for people making Canada-Florida migration. Read on and prepare properly. Canadians moving to Florida, you have quite a few things to catch before you pack your stuff.

Migrating from Canada to Florida? Here’s what you should know.

Even if you think you can do everything by yourself, don’t even take it into consideration. Hire professional movers. Because this kind of relocation is very demanding. Moving from Canada to Florida is a very, very long distance relocation, and it takes the experience, the know-how, and the proper equipment. For your international relocation to be done with no troubles, hire top moving pros in Florida-  They have everything this demanding migration requires. And they are capable of making you able to relocate from Canada to Florida with no stress!
Here are some things you should know before becoming one of Canadians moving to Florida:

  • How to get a proper visa to live and work in the USA- To live in Florida, you need to work and earn money. Get to know how to legally do that.
  • About the medical insurance- Think about it before it’s too late.
  • Car registration and driver’s license- In case you’re bringing your car with yourself.
  • About housing listings in Florida- Many Canadians moving to Florida are buying homes there. But there are also those who rent. Learn where to search for homes.
What kind of visa should you obtain to be able to work in Florida after moving from Canada
Learn about what visa you need to work in Florida after moving from Canada

What kinds of visa guarantee you the right to live and work in the Sunshine State?

  • TN status- You go to the border, with the job offer letter you got from your employer (from the US), and you pay 56$. They shall stamp your passport. And there you go, you are granted 3 years permit to stay and work in the USA. The important thing here is that you can do this for only some degrees. Here you can read more about the degrees for TN status.
  • Permanent stay arranged by your employer- If your USA employer thinks you are worth enough, he/she can pay 5000$ for your H1-B visa. This allows you to stay 3 years in Florida as Canadian. After that, your employer can apply for green card. You need to be very worth for them, given that this costs the additional 12000$. And lasts from 3-10 years. But if they accept you initially, your H1-B visa can be extended an unlimited number of times, until the green card is issued.
  • Marrying an American citizen- If you are a lucky Canadian moving to Florida for love, then you can get a green card by marrying the man/woman of your life. Only, he/she needs to earn at least 125% of poverty line income to be able to marry you. Plus, the age of minimum 21 is requested.
  • There are also other kinds of visa, but they are not used that common. For example, if you have a brother or a sister over 21 years old, and with an American citizenship, he/she can sponsor you. Or you can be sponsored as famous entertainers, etc.

What should you know about the medical insurance

You have your Canadian medical insurance for 180 days after you receive the visa and move from Canada to Florida. After those 180 days, you are forced to use the private American insurance. Which is not cheap. You should try to find another way of being protected. All of this you must do a lot before those 180 days end. Because since day one after that, you are without medical insurance. Think about this alongside the thinking about the visa. Because it is as important as the visa. The safety is the most important thing. Without the health, you can’t think about anything.

Are you among those Canadians moving to Florida and bringing their cars?

If yes, you need an info or two about the car registration and the driver’s license.
For those of you who are coming on a working visa, or some other kind not guaranteeing the citizenship of the USA, you need the following documents to get the driver’s license in Florida:

  • Original Driver’s License or ID Card
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Renewals or Replacements
  • Name Change

These are the official pieces of information we got from the official website of Florida state. For further information, contact them, or talk to the Florida movers you intend to hire. Being that moving companies from Florida know these kinds of information, or can tell you who to ask to get them. They are moving Canadians to Florida, so they know these things. Or simply ask us from Toronto Local Movers. We’ll do our best to provide you with the adequate information.

Look for the housing prior to relocation from Canada to Sunny state
Try to secure the housing before relocating from Canada to Sunny state

Homes listings in Florida- You’ll need a place to live in!

We always say that it’s the best for you if you get the job, find the housing and get the medical insurance before you become a Canadian expat in Florida. We know that some of those things are not possible. But what you can do is to look at the listings. This way, you get the information about the prices. How much money you’d need in each county of Florida. And you’ll know if you’re able to buy or you’d need to rent. Also, this could help you pick the county to move to in Florida from Canada. So have a look, here is the listing of homes for each county in Florida.

There’s no winter for Canadians moving to Florida…

…which is the main reason, as we said, the most of you migrate from cold Canada to the heat of Florida. Now that you read the most important facts (by ‘the most important’ we mean vital) for Canadians relocating to Florida, you can start thinking about Florida’s beaches. And while thinking, we have some other things to mention. There are, of course, other important things to know, besides those we consider the most important.
Before you start the process of relocation, check on the taxation politics in Florida, and compare it to Canada’s. Get to know about the quality schools, they could influence the place to relocate to in Florida, in case you need further education, or you have children. Learn about the weather and climate conditions. And talk to your doctor. You could need to prepare for this kind of temperature shock between Canada and Florida. Learn about the costs of living, especially if moving to the metropolis, and compare them to the salary you could be able to earn once you relocate etc.