Best cities in Japan for expats

It’s not quite simple to move to Japan. Differences in culture and language are very significant and large. Finding a good job and a good place to live is also not so simple. So, it goes without saying that this endeavor and such a big change in your life will require a lot of planning. While planning, you will have to make numerous and yet vital decisions. Handle tasks one at a time and you will soon witness some progress towards ending the relocation successfully. To start with, we can provide you with some information on the best cities in Japan for expats. Hopefully, you will soon find a place to call home.

What to expect from the best cities in Japan for expats?

You cannot but ask yourself what kind of life you can expect in Japan. This country has a lot to offer but whether you will be satisfied or not highly depends on your requirements and expectations. Also, moving-related factors should not be underestimated. Why are you moving? What are your moving costs? Is your budget big enough to cover them? The relocation is always stressful, but if you keep your optimism and find a way to relax during the move, there is no reason to worry.

a street in Osaka by night since this is one of the best cities in Japan for expats
Osaka Japan – one of the three best cities for expats in Japan.

How to choose your destination in Japan?

Understandably, your choice on the future home location in Japan will depend on your interests and priorities. Most often, these include:

  • The cost of living
  • Job opportunities
  • Educational facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Entertainment options
  • Green areas available

The three best cities in Japan for expats

Judging by the opinions and experiences of a vast number of people who have moved to Japan, the three best cities in Japan for expats are:

  • Tokyo
  • Osaka
  • Nagoya

Tokyo panorama with the tower in the middle
Tokyo Japan – one of the three best cities for expats in Japan is the most popular city for expats

This is something one may expect since these three are the most urbanized areas in Japan. Of course, it does not mean that other big cities in Japan do not welcome expats. The truth is these three significantly stand out among others. Finally, wherever you decide to move in Japan, you can rely on and trust Japan Relocation Services with this life-changing task.

It is very unlikely you can do it by yourself

While planning your move to Japan, we firmly believe you need to cross out a DIY option. Knowing that there is a variety of services to use when moving, there is no need to expose yourself to the trouble of doing this on your own. Still, relocation preparations are necessary, but, with a professional moving company by your side, they will be much easier to handle.
Even though the chances are you will have professional assistance when moving, do not forget to make a moving checklist. It will help you to keep things under control and not to forget any of the crucial tasks.

The change is going to be big

Japan will change your life by all means. Moreover, the change is going to be big. In spite of choosing one of the best cities in Japan for expats for your home, the adjustment period will be long. Be patient and compromise. Every new beginning comes with certain difficulties, but you will soon realize you can benefit from this move.