The best neighborhoods in Toronto

For those of you who do not know, Toronto is on a Golden Horseshoe, in Southern Ontario on the northern side of Lake Ontario. Although it is not the capital, Toronto is the biggest city in Canada. Also, it’s always been the most popular among the immigrants. So, today the statistics say the 50% of the Toronto population belongs to a ‘visible minority’ population group. This lists Toronto as one of the biggest multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Nowadays, people relocate to Toronto due to the high quality of life, and the possibility of finding a well-payed job. However, in the past people mostly migrated here because of the natural resources within the area of the city. Either case, the city offers plenty of possibilities, and in this article, you can read about some of the best neighborhoods in Toronto.

Moving to Toronto

Before going through the best neighborhoods in Toronto, let us look upon some of the most important things you should know about this amazing city.
The closeness to the borders of the USA is one of the reasons why a great number of people apply for a temporary work visa or even move permanently, seeking for a better life. As a newcomer, you will not have any problems to fit into the surrounding. Toronto is truly a melting pot where many diverse cultures meet. However, if you want to become a townsman, there are few things you’ll need to get used to. One of the most difficult ones, we’d say, is the weather. If you’re sensitive to the cold weather, get used to harsh winters. Equip yourself with a warm coat, and a pair of good gloves, and you should be fine. The rest of the seasons have pleasant weather, with summers not being too hot.


Moving around Toronto is so complicated as in some other big cities. The public transportation system is well organized. It is handled by Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). This will help you move quickly on your way of finding the best neighborhoods in Toronto. The subway system has 4 rapid transit lines and it connects each end of the city. Make sure to get the monthly pass, because in this way you can save a lot of money.

The fast subway lines will get you quickly to the best neighborhoods in Toronto

Entertainment and culture

No matter what kind of enjoyment you prefer to have in your leisure time, Toronto can provide all. From museum, and galleries, to theaters and festivals, you name it. Many artists perform live in countless music venues. If you’re more a party type of a person, head to King Street where you can find some of the best nightclubs in town. On the other hand, many other clubs are on other streets, too. Go around the neighborhood, and choose your favorite one. Oh, let us mention that here, parties are every day of the week. So, go ahead party people!

Let’s not forget Toronto Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals in the world, with a 40-year old history. It collects the best films from around the world and places them in 14 different sections.

film festival
The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the largest in the world which features a great number of movies

Take a look at some of the best neighborhoods in Toronto

Since Toronto has around 140 neighborhoods, you’ll agree with us that it’s unlikely to mention them all. That is why we have selected among those that rated the highest scores.


This neighborhood has the highest scores among every other part of the city. The score includes the results of different categories such as the crime rate, affordability, proximity to health and health facilities. Also, the overall quality of life, and chances for employment.
The neighborhood has plenty of green space, public parks and places for practicing different sports. If you want to fit in the new surrounding, make sure to learn how to skate. During winter time, everybody’s in the skating rink. As for the business opportunity, Yonge-Eglinton is truly one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto, since many large companies have corporate headquarters here.

Playter Estates-Danforth

A set of beautiful homes on long residential streets make this area very attractive for families and those who seek high-quality schools for their children. The neighborhood also has many ways of entertainment, bars, shops, restaurants, etc. Although it is not that much diverse as some other neighborhoods in Toronto since it is mostly populated by Greeks, in recent years a great number of artists and business people have settled here. Every year in August, the biggest street festival in Canada provides their visitors a chance to enjoy in Greek cuisine and culture.

Bloor West Village

If shopping opportunity is high on your list of priorities, then assume this neighborhood is the right choice for you. It has more than 400 shops and restaurants. Everything you can think of – from book and clothing stores to specialized stores, you’ll find them here. To add more, the crime rate is very low, but you better hurry to rent or buy a property here, because all the best properties go first. And fast!

boutiques in
You can find a large selection of boutiques and other stores in Bloor West Village which makes it one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto

North Riverdale

This is the perfect neighborhood for those who set the availability of sports venues on their priority list. Here you can choose among tennis courts, swimming pools, and soccer fields. The architecture of residential homes is mostly in Edwardian and Victorian style. This is also a popular part of the city for the families with children. Schools such as Montcrest and Holy Name Catholic School provide the excellent education. The employment rate is very high, too. This definitely puts North Riverdale among the best neighborhoods in Toronto.
We hope this list will help you narrow down the choice,  as well as to encourage you to search through some other parts of the city. In this way, you can make your own wish list and opt for the most suitable neighborhood in Toronto.