Toronto's attractions: places you must see

Toronto is a very large city, and not only by the standards of Canada. Its population exceeds two and a half million people. If you take into account all the suburbs, it turns out that every third resident of the kingdom prefers to live somewhere in these places. Toronto’s attractions are definitely one of the reasons for that.
Toronto skyline

A review of Toronto’s attractions gives your imagination free play. Looking at the city from the windows of the restaurant located on top of a giant TV tower, do not forget to look into the medieval castle of Casa Loma, built exclusively for the love of art. Make time for an excursion to the Niagara Falls and be sure to visit the museum of the maple syrup that is so revered in the country.

The most important Toronto’s attractions:

CN Tower

Toronto skylineEight years ago, the CN Tower was considered the tallest building on the planet. But time passes unforgivingly, and the tower has already lost its primacy. But this fact does not in the least belittle its popularity. This grandiose building was completed in 1975, and its height reaches more than 553 meters. It is the most famous of Toronto’s attractions.

Casa Loma

The famous Casa Loma castle in Toronto will not only surprise you with its grandeur and impressiveness. It will also tell you a lot of entertaining and informative stuff about the history of the city from the beginning of the twentieth century. This palace is rightfully first on the list of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Toronto.Toronto's attractions University of Toronto

Royal Ontario Museum

Residents of Canada, in particular, the citizens of Toronto, treat their city, its achievements, and guests with great respect. And, we must say, they have something to be proud of. In Canada, and especially in Toronto, there are many galleries, museums and all kinds of exhibition halls. All of them deserve your visit, but there are some special places. In a class of its own is the Royal Ontario Museum. That is one of the most phenomenal buildings in the city.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Walking in the central part of Toronto, it’s just impossible not to notice the Ontario Museum of Art. Shimmering and sparkling in the sun glare will certainly get into your field of vision. But the modern grandiose building made of metal and glass was not always like that. After a large reconstruction, the Art Gallery of Ontario, built in 1900, got a new luxurious appearance.

Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Center in Toronto is one of the many museums in the city. But this is not just a museum, it is a real huge world of technology, science, and innovation. Visiting it will allow you to go as deeply as possible into geographical, biological facts, understand the principle of the operation of various technical devices and, in an absolutely accessible form, know the essence of various phenomena of our everyday life.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Canada, in particular Toronto, has long been famous for its passion for hockey. Therefore, they built a unique exhibition hall dedicated solely to hockey and everything connected with it in the city. Paying attention to this museum is definitely worth it. This is an original ode to this sport, to all outstanding hockey players and famous teams.

Bata Shoe Museum

Only in Canada, namely in the city of Toronto, you will have a unique opportunity to visit the insanely interesting museum, entirely dedicated to shoes. This is the only gallery of this type around the globe. It owes its existence to Sonia Bat and her family. The museum impresses visitors even at the entrance. The building itself is similar to a shoe box.

CF Toronto Eaton Centre

In such a huge, modern and dynamically developing city like Toronto, there must be such a huge shopping center. This grandiose shopping complex has such a large area that its size can be compared with several residential quarters. CF Toronto Eaton Center is one of the few retail sites around the world that boasts such a grand scale.

Old City Hall

Arriving in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, you will be able to enjoy in its unique and unimaginably beautiful architecture and sculpture. Being a modern city where practically all important economic events of the country take place, Toronto boasts architecture of different times.
Toronto is Canada’s largest city, where the largest business centers and the most influential financial companies are concentrated. In such a megalopolis people simply need a “breath” of fresh air and a periodic rest from everyday routine. The best place for this in Toronto is the city zoo. That is a real green oasis in the world of skyscrapers.

Canada’s Wonderland

In Canada, there is a full analogue of the world-famous amusement park Disney Land, and it is, of course, in Toronto. In this truly magical place, everyone will find fun for his taste and wallet. Canada’s Wonderland has a unique ability to turn adult serious people into carefree, energy-rich children.Toronto zoo

Toronto Islands

In Toronto, many people are curious to visit attractions, but there are places that you must visit. For example, that is the Toronto Islands. At first glance, it may seem that it is one big island. However, this is a common misconception. Toronto Islands is a complex of seventeen tiny islands, each of which is worth your attention.

Harbourfront Centre

Great attention in Toronto is paid to the sphere of art and culture in general. That is why the city is simply full of all sorts of museums, galleries, and cultural centers. One of the most fascinating institutions of this type is the Harbourfront Centre complex. That is one of the most popular places for leisure of citizens and a tourist attraction from the list of mandatory places to visit. This grandiose cultural centre is located on the shore of Lake Ontario, near the famous Yonge Street. In this complex, they organize all kinds of concerts and festivals, as well as circus and street actors performances.


Toronto can surprise, delight and please many people. There are many such places in the city, and one of them is Bloor-Yorkville. In terms of living, this is the most expensive area in Canada. Among other things, Bloor-Yorkville is on the list of the most expensive areas in the world. And this is one of the Toronto’s attractions.

University of TorontoToronto's attractions University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is not just a higher educational institution, it is a real specific city, where everything is available: from the chairs and training halls to the grill bars and hairdressers. It is one of the most beautiful Toronto’s attractions. This is an extraordinary place, which is really unique throughout the world. At first glance, you may think that it is some ancient mansion or a palace in which the royal family still live today.