Best places for artists in Canada

If you’re an artist looking for a new place in Canada, this article can be helpful. There are many reasons why you want to relocate to Canada. Perhaps you’re searching for an affordable place to live or a place with plenty of job opportunities for artists. Or you’re just looking for a city that can offer a bit of inspiration. Regardless of the reasons, here are some of the best places for artists in Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia – one of the best places for artists in Canada

Vancouver is first on the list of best places for artists in Canada. This city has an excellent cost of living and opportunities. And these are just some of the reasons to move to Vancouver from Toronto. Vancouver is loyal to all forms of art. Plus, he consistently brings public installations and outdoor exhibitions. Nowadays, the artistic hub of Vancouver isn’t Granville Island or Commercial Street, it’s the Arts Factory Society. Here you can find numerous animation and art studios. So, the place just oozes the creative spirit.

Vancouver City - Vancouver best places for artists in Canada
Vancouver tops the list of best places for artists in Canada.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is a place where you can find a grittier love for the artistic senses, and a desire to push their boundaries. The artistic hub of this city is Cirque Du Soleil. It’s an international phenomenon, but its natural roots were in Montreal. Also, you should take a walking tour of street art. Here you’ll see fantastic and colorful murals littering the streets. So, you’ll not turn a corner without being inspired. Therefore, you should consider moving to Montreal from Toronto.

Wolfville, Nova Scotia – one of the best places for artists in Canada

Wolfville is a university town, so there’s a young, vibrant, and unique energy that tends to explore new music, theatre, and art. This makes Wolfville one of the best places for artists in Canada. The Wolfville’s artistic hub is the Community Environmental Art Project, Uncommon Art. Here, organic objects transform into everyday art. If you visit this place, you’ll never look at sticks and stones the same way again.

Graffiti Artist
Wolfville is a perfect place for aspiring artists and those who want to experiment with their medium.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is one of the best places for artists in Canada because they tend to thrive here. This city has a huge amount of culture, support, and job opportunities. That’s why so many artists move here to grow and springboard their careers into something bigger. Toronto’s artistic hub is the Art Gallery of Ontario. The outside of the gallery is beautiful but the inside features collections from some of the top artistic minds.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

This East Coast gem is an ideal place for an artist to live and pursue their passion. Charlottetown has a low cost of living and gives peace and solitude mixed with good neighborly friendliness. So, this town is the perfect spot for the artist that wants the community but also need privacy. In Charlottetown, you can find many festivals dedicated to the arts. Therefore, this is one of the best places for artists in Canada.