Guide to moving to Toronto with kids

Moving with children is never easy. It is especially not easy if you decide on moving from the US to Toronto with kids. Long-distance relocation can be quite stressful for both parents and children, and this is why parents need to prepare carefully for that kind of relocation. For this reason, we have decided to write this guide about moving to Toronto with kids. We hope that you will find this article useful, and we hope that you will be able to move successfully with your children to Toronto. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Explain to them why you need to move

Not all children take relocation easily. They have made many friends at home, and connections run very deep for them. So you need to prepare them for their Canada move. This is why they need to know why you are moving at all. Tell them that they will be able to make new friendships in Toronto and that Toronto is a huge city with many people who are like them. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they And be honest with your kids. Being honest with them actually helps you to build trust with them, and trust is the biggest asset a family can have, especially when it comes to stressful endeavors, like long-distance relocation.

Toronto skyline to illustrate moving to Toronto with kids.
Show your children this photograph and explain to them why you need to move.

Give them some job

Your children need to feel like they have contributed to your relocation, and this is why you need to give them some job to do that is tied to your relocation to Toronto. That doesn’t and shouldn’t be something hard. Let them pack their toys or clothes, for example. Busy moms could use some help with packing.

Moving to Toronto with kids requires a good discipline

Don’t get us wrong. Under the term ‘discipline’, we don’t mean strict and harsh military-like discipline. It is more about waking up at a certain time and knowing when it is time for lunch, for example. This you need to do in order to make your children know what to expect from relocation. Making your children a bit more disciplined actually helps them. That way they will know what to expect from relocation. All of this actually means that you need to establish a routine with your children. And the entire family needs time to adjust, not only kids.


You need to collaborate with your kid’s new school in Toronto. Teachers and school staff will usually do everything that is in their power to help your kid establish a new friendship base at their new Toronto school. This will help your kids to thrive in a new environment, and your kids will feel more accepted.

Kid with bag.
Moving to Toronto with kids requires talking to teachers at your children’s soon to be school.

Stay positive

Your kids can feel your emotions, and they take them very personally. This is why you need to stay positive, especially when it comes to relocation to Toronto with kids. Don’t be a larger child that your children. Stay mature and calm. If you don’t act like a responsible and mature person, your children will act even worse.