Help your kid adjust to a new school after moving to Toronto

Everyone in the family will go through a hard time while moving to Toronto. But, for kids, relocation is even more difficult. They find comfort in familiarity and routine. So, leaving friends, teachers and the whole school environment makes it difficult for them. Transferring to a new place for kids means stress and anxiety. It’s your job, as a parent, to find out how to help your kid adjust to a new school after moving to Toronto. Luckily, there are some things you can do to speed up the process and help them adapt more quickly. Here are some tips you can use.

Talk to a kid early

The first thing to do to help your kid adjust to a new school after moving is to give him time. Give him as much time as you can to process the upcoming move. Talk to a kid, be open and honest about what the move means for them. This is very important because you’ll help kids conquer the anxiety of a major life change. Make sure you hear their concerns regards to starting at a new school, and listen to their worries. Also, provide reassurance and appropriate advice. 

Kid at school
If you prepare your kind on time, you will have nothing to worry about!

Be positive

Kids can see your perceptions of a situation. Therefore, to keep them positive about moving to a new school, you need to be positive too. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t admit the hardness of switching schools. But, bring the exciting aspects of it and focus on the opportunities. Try to bring enthusiasm, because that way, your child will associate the move with positivity.

Help your kid adjust to a new school after moving – give them some control

Fear about moving to a new place and school is connected to a lack of control. That little control over the environment is one of the most difficult parts of being a kid. Combine that with the changes they don’t like or understand, and it’s even worse. But, you can help them by allowing making choices and controlling some aspects of the move. For example, let them pick the school in the new neighborhood. Organize a visit to a couple of schools and leave them to decide. In case there’s no school choice, allow them control in smaller ways. Like picking out a backpack and school supplies. This will show your kid that their voice and opinion matter. You will give them some stability in this turbulent period.

It is extremely important to help your child adapt especially if you are moving to Toronto after living a small town.

Visit school 

To help your kid adjust to a new school after moving to Toronto, go for a visit before their first day. As soon as the movers from are done, you can walk around, meet the principal and teacher, scope our locker, and more. So, when the first day comes, they’ll have an idea of what to expect. Of course, the first few days will be overwhelming, but at least the basics won’t be so daunting.

Chicago, street
Visiting can help your kid adjust to a new school after moving to Toronto!

Design a routine together

This should be a part of your moving checklist too. Before school starts, you can familiarize your child with their new routine. Make a plan for what mornings will look like, and drive or walk the new route. Just like visiting school, this will help your kid adjust to a new school after moving. Because, this way, they will take as much guesswork as possible out of what the experience will be like. Also, try to keep as many traditions as you can from children’s previous school day routine. Holding on to them will add layers of familiarity to the situation.

Help your kid adjust to a new school after moving by involving yourself 

If your time allows you, involve yourself in the new school. This can be helpful to your child. Do it, because engaging with your kid’s new school is a great way to tackle this adventure together.

Speak with the school’s staff

This is a task you have to do on your own. Have a meeting with your kid’s new teacher and principal. Involving them will ease the transition. Maybe they can introduce your kid to a classmate who was recently the new one in school themselves. Or they can assign partners for some projects in the first weeks of school. This is very harrowing for someone who doesn’t know anybody well yet. Also, the teacher can check in with your child during the day, offer advice or guidance if it’s needed. Speaking with the school’s staff will help your kid adjust, and it will give you peace of mind.

Organize a playdate to help your kid adjust to a new school after moving to Toronto

Every kid’s scary part of a new school is having to make friends. Friend groups in schools tend to be established, so breaking in is hard. Of course, you can’t go in and make friends for your kid. But, you can help them to build a friendship by scheduling a playdate with someone from the class.

Kids, friends - Meeting new friends is something that can help your kid adjust to a new school after moving to Toronto.

Sign kid to an after school activity

Help your kid adjust to a new school after moving to Toronto by signing them up for an after school activity. Let them pick one or more activity and enroll them as soon as you can. This can help them connect with others over the same interest. Such as sports, games, or theater. In case they don’t want to do any activities, sign them up on your own. Sometimes extra push is what they need to get out of the comfort zone.

Have a quality time at home 

As your child adjusts to the school, even a brand new home is going to be a haven. That is, after all, a place where their family and all staff are. So, as a parent, your job is to make family time a priority. Maintain the routines and traditions that help your child feel safe and happy. Also, talk about new school concerns and stresses. That’s the conversation you began before your move. For more ideas, you can also check our guide for moving to Toronto with kids.