Best Toronto neighborhoods for families from the West Coast

If you are moving from the USA to Canada, one of the first steps is to choose a location in Canada where to move. Usually, people are moving to the southern part of Canada to Ontario province, for example. One of the most popular cities in Ontario is Toronto. Where are the best Toronto neighborhoods for families from the USA West Coast?

Why do Americans move to Toronto?

The list of reasons is quite long in fact.

  • Great healthcare system is free, even for non-citizens.
  • Better work-life balance. You will spend less time in the office after moving to Canada.
  • When it comes to work, Canadians have paid statutory holidays as well as paid maternity leave.
  • Mothers can enjoy 35 to 61 weeks off which is a lot more than parents in the USA (12 weeks unpaid).
  • Canada is friendly to migrants thats is why Toronto is multicultural city.
  • Toronto is a big city with a strong economy and job market. Many big companies are located here.
  • The crime rate in very low and Toronto is a city in Canada for your family because of safety.
  • If you are scared of winters and cold days, Toronto has relatively mild winters because it is located in the south.

Once this is clear, do you know how to relocate with your loved ones, with ease?

Panorama of Toronto neighborhoods for families.
When you are moving from the West Coast to Toronto, make sure you have all the right help.

How to move from the USA to Canada with family

Organizing international relocation is easier with a moving company by your side. It is a help to smooth the process and to make it faster. Hire a reliable moving company with experience. Moving household items from one country to another is not a job for one inexperienced person.

The best Toronto neighborhoods for families

Before moving to California or another state from the West Coast, to Toronto, you should first the right neighborhood. Toronto is a big city with many beautiful areas to offer.

A family of three.
Because you are moving with a family, all of these neighborhoods are great for raising kids.

To move to one of these listed neighborhoods in Toronto from California, for example, or another state on the West Coast, get informed first on and get organized.

  • Rockcliffe-Smythe is perfect if you are looking for affordable homes near Toronto downtown. Most homes are detached houses. You can be near the city and still have a backyard and parking.
  • Riverdale is one of the biggest neighborhoods here. It is green, quiet and family-friendly. It is a mic of old and new.
  • Leslieville is now a trendy neighbrohoods with many coffee shops, retail stores, perfect for young families who want an urban life.
  • Danforth Village is transformed and trendy now. It os one of Toronto neighborhoods for families that is good for first home-buyers.
  • Davisville Village has a lot of housing options and amazing schools.

Now your job is to choose

And then, prepare for moving to one of the best Toronto neighborhoods for families. Toronto has neighborhoods for ex-pats from America that are moving to CA with kids. You’ll all enjoy your fresh start in this magnificent city.