Top 6 Toronto neighborhoods for expats

If you are planning to move from New York to Canada, and you like Toronto very much, then you are just in the right place. Here, in this article, you will be able to find the top 6 Toronto neighborhoods for expats.

West Queen West is one of the best Toronto neighborhoods for expats

The first Toronto neighborhood on our list is West Queen West. If you are relocating from New York with your whole family to Canada, you must know that this particular location is very safe and ideal for peaceful family life. West Queen West has numerous coffee shops and many of them are cozy. Moreover, this Toronto neighborhood has excellent restaurants and stores. If you like visiting art galleries, perhaps moving to West Queen West can be just the right decision.

Coffee and cookies.
West Queen West has many cozy cafes that are ideal for relaxation.

Smart packing is crucial when relocating to Toronto from New York City

When it comes to the packing process for your move, hiring professional assistance is the best thing that you can do. This step will definitely make the whole process much less stressful for you and the rest of your family. You will not have to worry about providing packing supplies that are good or being in a hurry to pack everything on time. Surely, the right packing team will know how to finish the job in the perfect way.

Bloordale Village is among the best Toronto neighborhoods for expats

The second Toronto neighborhood that is great for expats is Bloordale Village. This place is excellent for people with kids who are moving to Canada from other countries. Moreover, many young people who work in offices are choosing Bloordale Village for their new home. This neighborhood is very safe and it has many nice restaurants and cafes which attract many persons, including artists. In case you choose this neighborhood for your new home in Toronto, you will need some help with moving your car which is something you must be prepared for.

Bloordale Village is one of the best Toronto neighborhoods for ex-pats who work in an office.
If you are working in the office you should choose Bloordale Village for your new home.

Make sure to have reliable people by your side when moving from New York City to Toronto

When relocating with your family from New York City to Toronto, you should seriously consider hiring true professionals to help you. Luckily, nowadays there are many excellent moving companies in New York City that are offering different relocation services. Many of them have very experienced and reliable teams that can help you with transport, packing, and many other things when moving to Canada. Check out Heart Moving because it can be the best company that you can find.

Old Town

The third neighborhood on our list is Old Town, and it is absolutely stunning. It has beautiful architecture and a special vibe which attracts many people from other countries. However, Old Town is not cheap at all, quite the contrary, especially when it comes to housing. But, choosing it for your new home in Toronto cannot be a bad idea because it has so much to offer.

Little Italy is one of the best Toronto neighborhoods for expats

The fourth Toronto neighborhood that is excellent for expats is Little Italy. This place has very tasty food that you should not miss even if you choose some other location in the city for your new home. Moreover, Little Italy is perfect for going out because of the many bars and positive energy. Also, this neighborhood has a festival in summer which brings a special vibe and many smiling faces. If you are moving with your loved ones from America to Toronto, you should definitely check out this neighborhood.

A pizza.
Little Italy has the best food of all neighborhoods in Toronto which means that you will not regret relocating there with your loved ones.

The Annex

The fifth neighborhood is The Annex and many young adults are choosing to move here. It is great for students for many bars and cafes are very affordable. Going out for a dinner is always special in this neighborhood because it has excellent restaurants that serve very tasty food. Moreover, the Annex has many book stores. Old houses here give out a very special vibe and persons find it very pleasant spending time here. Importantly, people of all ages are moving to this neighborhood because of its special spirit.

Kensington is one of the nicest Toronto neighborhoods for expats

The sixth neighborhood in Toronto is Kensington. This place is not expensive and you will be able to go out much more than if you move to some other neighborhoods in this city. Kensington has to offer numerous book stores and cozy cafes that many people adore visiting in their free time. Spending late nights in bars in Kensington is always a very exciting experience because this neighborhood has a very unique vibe. Also, young people usually like shopping in thrift stores in Kensington. If you decide to move here or simply to visit this neighborhood in Toronto, do not be hesitant to visit one of these wonderful locations.


Finally, to conclude, there are six Toronto neighborhoods for expats. West Queen West and Bloordale Village are excellent for people with children. Then we have Old Town and Little Italy that is very special and people feel safe and accepted there. Finally, there are the Annex and Kensington which are not so expensive neighborhoods. No matter which of these places you choose for your new home when moving from New York City to Toronto, you will be very satisfied. All of these neighborhoods are ideal for a fresh start and have to offer so many beautiful things including tolerance and warmth.