New Yorker’s guide to the best Toronto neighborhoods

If you have plans to leave NYC, it is highly recommendable to pick Toronto to be your next residence. This amazing city has lots of reasons that will make him perfect for your needs and budget. And if you want to start a new life here, you should know that Toronto is a special spot because it is home to many foreigners. So, no matter why you are relocating to this part of Canada, you will find your place here in no time. To make sure you are relocating into the most suitable area in the city, you will need a New Yorker’s guide to the best Toronto neighborhoods by your side. This will help you get an excellent location that can fit your requirements!

Anyway, to prepare for this transition, you might want to keep reading this article. Here, you will find out how to perform the move from NYC to Toronto. Apart from that, you will also discover some of the best neighborhoods in Toronto that New Yorkers love living in. You see, you can easily get ready for things to visit after moving to Toronto. However, when it comes to picking a suitable neighborhood for ex-pats and relocating there, you should pay extra attention.

Map - Use it along with New Yorker's guide to the best Toronto neighborhoods to find a spot in this city that can be your next home.
The first thing you have to do is to introduce yourself to the city!

Why do you need a New Yorker’s guide to the best Toronto neighborhoods?

  • The guide will help you meet the city.
  • Even if you have plans to visit Toronto a few times before you decide to move here from NY, still, it will be a great idea to have a guide by your side.
  • Use this guide to introduce yourself to the neighborhoods. It will give an idea of where your next home might be in.
  • You see, the guide will also help you with the relocating project. You see, once you figure out where you will live, it won’t take much time to determine the date for the relocation. And when you do, you should know that a company such as Movage Moving will be ready to help you with everything you need. So, all you have to do is tell these specialists what your move requires, and they will take care of everything else.
  • The guide will also help you get around in the city after you relocate. 

When moving from New York to Toronto

Since you are about to perform an international move, you should probably think about working with movers. These people will do their best to help you take care of this project. Considering this type of relocation is hard to perform, you will need reliable assistance for this endeavour. Thanks to these professionals, you will be able to get through this process a lot easier. International move from NYC to Toronto will require special attention, and with dependable relocating experts, you will be able to experience a simple and easy transition executed in no time.

Toronto, street.
Make sure to consider everything you can find on the New Yorker’s guide to the best Toronto neighborhoods.

West Queen West

Perhaps, one of the most popular neighborhoods for New Yorkers and ex-pats, in general, is, for sure, West Queen West. This outstanding part of Toronto is attracting people thanks to its wide range of opportunities. West Queen West will offer you spaces where you can relax, have fun, and simply enjoy. Apart from that, this neighborhood is pretty vibrant, so you can expect to see lots of colorful streets and many artists. In West Queen West, you will run into many bars, restaurants, and lots of other spaces where you can entertain yourself. Anyway, just learn how to stay in a good mood when relocating, because you will have an option to continue in Toronto the lifestyle you had in NY.

Another place on New Yorker’s guide to the best Toronto neighborhoods is Forest Hills

This area is pretty popular for New Yorkers because it has everything they need to settle down. Forest Hills is a home for families, singles, and seniors as well. And even though you are a foreigner, you will blend in this environment in no time.

Anyway, to start living in this part of Toronto, you should start working on your move. You will probably want to declutter as much as you can so you can bring only what you need to the new home. However, there is also a simple solution for forgotten items. You can consider using the air freight services because they are highly recommended to have at your disposal, especially when it comes to these moving projects. Thanks to air freight services, you will be able to deliver whatever and whenever you want so.


One more spot that should be worthy of your attention is, of course, Cabbagetown. This neighborhood in Tronto will offer you great options when it comes to housing, business, and entertainment. It has lots of beautiful streets and types of properties. You can enjoy a peaceful environment, great people, and lots of things to see and do!

Women walking.
Get some help when you are getting ready to explore Toronto!

Riverdale is also on New Yorker’s guide to the best Toronto neighborhoods

This is one of the best Toronto neighborhoods for USA ex-pats. Here, you will enjoy many amazing things. Riverdale will have something to offer regardless of how old you are. This part of Toronto has entertainment, business, and lots of activity options at your disposal. Apart from that, you will have a wide range of housing options to choose from as well. Anyway, you should know that in Riverdale, you will get a sense of community. Thanks to that, you can also expect that environment is pretty family-friendly oriented.

Bloor West Village

One more location that is on this New Yorker’s guide to the best Toronto neighborhoods and that also might be perfect for you is, for sure, Bloor West Village. This part of Toronto will offer you a multicultural atmosphere. Apart from that, you will have an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of entertainment options. Here, you will run into numerous restaurants, bars, shops, and many other amenities. Along with that, Bloor West Village is also a great place for families because it has highly rated schools and lots of parks.