Things to visit after moving to Toronto

Moving house is an exciting, yet very stressful experience. That’s why you need some time to relax and have fun after moving to Toronto. The best way to do that – go sightseeing and visit some of the top places in the city. Luckily, Toronto offers a lot of ways to have fun. We arranged a list of must-see things in the city to help you out with your choice. Let’s explore the things to visit after moving to Toronto!

Why the time after moving to Toronto is the best time to go around the city?

Sightseeing is often connected with a packed daily schedule, sore feet, and too many things to see. However, once you move to Toronto, you are no longer in a hurry as you were when traveling. That’s why you can plan your weekends carefully and truly have fun without anyone rushing you. This will give you the chance to really learn about some top places in the city, and enjoy their true beauty.

A look at Toronto through a glass ball.
Toronto has a lot to offer, so there’s a lot to do and see after moving to this amazing city.

CN Tower – One of the things to visit after moving to Toronto

Let’s start with the most popular and the most obvious item on this list. CN Tower is the 553-meter tall symbol of Toronto and something you can’t and shouldn’t miss. If you’re afraid of height, you can see it from the ground and take some amazing pictures. However, we recommend going up to the observation area or having a meal with a truly amazing view. If it is a clear day, you can even see Niagara Falls! Also, we recommend the Edge Walk for those with a more adventurous spirit. Safely attached, people can take a walk on a ledge outside of the main pod. Amazing, right?

Two girls holding Canada flags afterdeciding on the things to visit after moving to Toronto.
Cn tower is the symbol of the city, and one of the places you need to visit after moving to Toronto.

Toronto Parks

After some adventure and city vibe, visiting some of Toronto’s best parks and gardens is a great way to relax. Some of the popular choices are High Park, Toronto’s public gardens, Toronto Island Park, etc. There are many places in the city where you’d enjoy nature, and even find out more about horticultural diversity that can be found in Toronto.

When visiting Toronto Islands, you can take the ferry trip and start the day with an enjoyable ride. if you’re visiting in the summer, you can expect to see many events, do some outdoor activities and enjoy the magnificent view of the city.

Art side of the city

Toronto also offers amazing places to see and enjoy art, and it’s also one of the best places in Canada for artists. One of the places to visit after moving to Toronto is the Art Gallery of Ontario. It’s one of the largest galleries and museums in North America, and you can enjoy a really impressive collection of contemporary art pieces from all over the world. Check out the AGO website for more information about their temporary exhibitions that happen throughout the year. Also, there are more amazing places like the Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, etc you should definitely check out after moving to Toronto.

A view of Toronto with some things to visit after moving to Toronto.
Toronto offers their residents a bit of everything – urban area, nature, art and many ways to have fun!


One of the top attractions and places you need to visit after moving to Toronto is Ripley’s Aquarium. It’s the place where you can see many marine species – eels, sharks, jellyfish, etc. The place is very popular, both among tourists and locals, so it can be very crowded. This results in long queues which you can easily avoid by purchasing an online ticket in advance.

Before you visit the place, we recommend checking out their shark live webcam for a sneak peek!

The star of the show – Niagara Falls

Even though it’s not located exactly in Toronto, we can’t avoid mentioning one of the most popular attractions in the area. After moving to Toronto, Niagara falls should be your top priority on the must-visit list. It’s a 90minute drive away from Toronto which you can plan on your own, or book a day tour. You can even get a helicopter ride and have the best time of your life!

Hockey Hall of Fame

Canadians love hockey, and for that reason, they created a place where they can worship everything about it. Hockey Hall of Fame is a curiosity museum that includes everything from the hockey history, but also replicas of NHL dressing rooms, as well as some interactive games. So, if you’re into sports – head to this unique museum.

Toronto Zoo

If you’re moving to Toronto with kids, you’re going to love this place. Toronto Zoo includes around 5,000 animals, all separated in different areas, symbolizing different continents. Also, there are many activities and events that are popular among children, especially during the summer months.

Distillery District

One of the top things to visit after moving to Toronto is The Distillery Historic District. It’s a favorite among tourists and locals, and there are many reasons for it. You can visit the place when you want to have a nice diner, go shopping or visit galleries and popular events. Its charming vibe gives it a cozy feeling, especially with the outdoor restaurants. So, it’s a place you can visit on various occasions, any time of the day, and any time of the year. It’s very busy during summer, but also during winter, especially around Christmas. You can visit the Toronto Christmas market and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate covered with a lap blanket in one of the cafes and restaurants.

Moving to Toronto gives you multiple opportunities, both to work and have fun. so, moving here is definitely a good decision. Start planning your move as soon as possible, and reduce the moving stress to a minimum. This way, you will be in a good mood and ready to visit all the attractions after moving to Toronto. Hopefully, this list will help you save time so you can start exploring right after you arrive!