Common problems that occur when shipping from Saudi Arabia to Canada

Transporting stuff from one continent to another is not simple and easy. If you are in need to transport items from Asia to North America, then know what are common mistakes and problems during this process. When you are fully prepared for shipping from Saudi Arabia to Canada (and moving), you are less likely to make mistakes. You will know how to avoid them and to move items on time and without any damages.

Possible problems when shipping from Saudi Arabia to Canada

If you are shipping long-distance, in this case, to another continent, your stress level is probably at the top. There are many different things that can go wrong when shipping items overseas to another continent. On what to pay attention to and how to ship your items from SA to CA? Plus, if you are moving to Canada too, there are so many things that need to be done. Such as finding a new home, finishing all the paperwork, packing, preparing mentally, etc. People are shipping items usually for two reasons – moving or it is part of their business. These are some common shipping failures that may occur.

A globe.
Shipping items overseas required time and focus to do it right

Customs clearance

Customs clearance problems are common when shipping from Saudi Arabia to Canada (or internationally). The priorities of each country’s customs department are different, so you need to check regulations before international shipping in SA. Customs issues are perhaps the most maddening problems and this is why you need a trusted logistics company. Before shipping, make sure can you export those items from Saudi Arabia or not and what is forbidden to import to Canada.

Hidden shipping fees

There may be surprise shipping fees. Also, if you are doing business, keep in mind that about 77% of customers will not buy your product if shipping costs are high. Factors that determine shipping costs are destination (in this case Canada), type of goods, distance traveled, shipping inefficiencies, and shipping speed. Some fees you can avoid with good organization, but some of them must be paid.

Shipment gets stuck in the customs

A shipment might be stuck at the customs because of many different reasons – maybe items are prohibited to import/export or you don’t have all required documents. To get your items out of customs limbo and to finish the shipment successfully, you should:

  • Contact your courier directly and explain what the problem is
  • Explore are there any extra fees (or taxes) that you need to pay when shipping from Saudi Arabia to Canada
  • Make sure you have all the paperwork for shipping

Poor communication with the buyer

If you are selling items online, you will need good communication with your buyers (customers). Customer experience is one of the most important things when owning a business. Poor communication can come back to hurt businesses and leave your customers unsatisfied. Most customers want to track their shipping, so make sure you are covering that option too.

Waiting too long

Delays are often when shipping internationally, especially for small businesses than consider breaking into international markets for the first time. They need to establish a global company to sign a contract with trustworthy partners. You may wait too long to address logistics issues, or your customers will wait a little longer to receive a product they ordered. If you are transporting goods to Canada via sea from KSA, shipping may last up to 2 weeks.

Missing documents

Bill of Lading is the most important document when shipping items, no matter where. You need to take care of the export paperwork and also to make sure all the documents are filed properly. Check everything twice because your shipment may not arrive in Canada. The address must be right, and other shipping details too.

Signing up the contract when shipping from Saudi Arabia to Canada.
Make sure you have all required documents for shipping items and there won’t be problems

Damaged items during shipping

Transporting items to another country, in this case, to another continent, may last 2 weeks or even more. Unfortunately, items can be damaged during the process. To avoid this problem, pack all your goods properly and secure them, especially if you are shipping fragile items or items sensitive to temperature changes. Your customer may return a product if it is broken or if it has damage.

Moving to Canada from Saudi Arabia

If you are moving from Saudi Arabia to North America, the process will be more complicated for you. Especially after moving when it is time to adjust to a new environment. Having a reliable and experienced moving company can make the relocation process less stressful and easier. Moving overseas requires hiring a mover because you won’t be able to move everything by plane with you (unless you are moving with 1 suitcase). Research moving companies from Saudi Arabia, such as Four Winds Saudi Arabia since they are long in this industry and they already have a large network and experience.

Moving containers.
If you are moving to Canada for good, organize your moving and transport all your items safely

Costs of your relocation will depend on how many items you have to ship. But, be financially prepared because shipping your stuff overseas won’t be cheap, so think twice and decide what to move and what to leave. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy new items after moving than to move your old items – it depends.


No matter what is the reason for shipping from Saudi Arabia to Canada, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, unfortunately. This is why you need to choose a company carefully and to research them before signing a contract. If you have a business and you need to ship items regularly, do not change a company you are working with if you are satisfied. Online commerce is getting more and more popular, but here are plenty of things to take care of, especially if you are going global. Good luck!