Things you should be aware of if you are planning to move from the US to Canada

Considering moving to Canada from the USA soon? Part of the moving process is researching a place you will move to. This will help you organize a relocation better and adjust after moving faster (when you know what to expect). What to know about the move from the US to Canada and how to plan it? Why so many Americans want to live in Canada?

The reasons why Americans are moving to Canada

Here are some of the most popular reasons that drive Americans to move to this neighboring country:

  • Multiculturism
  • Great education system
  • Job opportunities
  • Strong economy
  • The accessible universal healthcare system
  • Broad-minded society
  • Low crime rate
  • Natural beauties
Looking at the city after a move from the US to Canada.
Cities in Canada are beautiful and unique

These are just some of the reasons for moving to Canada. When Americans move there, they usually choose cities in the southern part of the country. It is closer to the USA and those cities are not that cold. Most popular destinations to move to are:

  • Ottawa
  • Gatineau
  • Delta
  • Calgary
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

To prepare for moving to Canada, you should first choose a place where you want to live. Every city is different, starting from costs of living to laws (provinces in Canada have slightly different rules and regulations).

A lake in Canada.
Canada has so many lakes and mountains. Many people are moving here because of natural beauties

How to move from the US to Canada? Getting a visa

How to get you to your new homecountry and what are the visa types for moving to Canada? Canada offers more than 80 visa and immigration programs, that show you how Canada is open-minded to ex-pats and they are all welcome here. Some of the visa types are:

  • Immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker if you have enough experience. Canada is seeking smart and skilled workers and you can apply through the Express Entry System.
  • Some job doesn’t require higher education, even in you are not skilled worker, you can apply for a visa.
  • Move from the US to Canada is you are a recent college grad, especially if you have studied here in CA. Companies want young brains and new ideas, so use this opportunity to apply for an open work permit.
  • Research the start-up visa programs if you are an entrepreneur. Many American companies are moving their business to Canada or expand a business here.

Transport your belongings to Canada

To plan and organize your relocation from beginning to the end, you need to figure out how to move all your household items from the USA to Canada. The easiest way to keep your belongings protected and loaded and not to worry about packing and transporting is to hire professional movers with experience.

The job hunt

If you don’t have a job offer yet, start sending your resumes before moving. Calculate how much money you need to live in Canada for the first few months. It depends on the city where you will live. The unemployment rate in CA is around 5.6%.


It is one of the best healthcare systems in the world and the common reasons to move from the US to Canada. Everyone receives the same level of care even if you don’t have citizenship. Prepare your documents and don’t worry about your health after moving there.