Things to pay attention to when renting a truck

You are moving soon and considering renting a moving truck for transporting your household items? Where to rent it, how to choose a moving truck, what do you need to know before renting a truck? If you are new at this, here are some things you should pay attention to.

Guide to renting a truck for your relocation

DIY relocation requires more time and energy, but on the other hand, you may save money and you don’t need to research moving companies. Before you rent it, there are some things to learn, in order to pack and move like a pro. Also, your items will be safely and properly packed, so let’s begin.

Renting a truck and choosing one of them.
Pick a truck that is big enough for all your items

Compare different companies

Pick a couple of companies and then compare their prices and vehicles. Not all rental companies are the same. Ask them details, don’t focus only on the price. Ask about locations where you can leave truck after relocation – is it near you or not?

Choose the right size truck

The truck size will depend on how many items you need to transport. So, first, separate all the items you want to move and then choose a truck. If you rent a too-small truck, you will need to drive twice, and if you rent too big, you will lose money.

Choose a truck you can manage

Have you ever driven a big moving truck? Make sure you are comfortable with the truck and that you can drive it easily. Adjust side mirrors and your seat, and make sure you see everything around you. Try to drive a truck before renting it. Drive carefully and don’t speed. Especially pay attention to how you dive if you are moving art collection and fragile items.

Trucks on a highway.
When renting a truck, pay attention to how you are driving it

Get insurance

What is your insurance situation for moving? Contact your car insurance company and check are you covered with a rental truck too or not? You should purchase additional insurance from the truck rental company, just in case, you never know what can happen during the transportation.

Check the vehicle

When signing papers with a rental company, they will do a check-up. If they forget to do it, remind them. A technician will check the entire truck – inside and outside. If there are any damages and scratches before you rent it, you won’t pay for those damages.

Pack items into a truck

To pack and load a moving truck properly you should put first heavy and big items. Also, don’t put all the heavy items on one side. You will need help from a few people to load and unload a moving truck and some equipment such as a ramp or a moving dolly.

Fill the tank

Before you return a truck, you must fill the tank because they will rent you a truck with a full tank. If renting a truck and you forget to fill the tank, you will pay it above the current price of gas.