Questions to ask before hiring a long-distance moving company

Most of the people know what are the qualities of a good and reliable moving company. However, as the moving day comes closer and we need to hire somebody – we are not sure how to pick the best option. After doing some online research you should narrow your list to a couple of favorites. Now, it’s time to contact each of them and see what do they offer. So, to help you be ready for this process, we gathered a list of questions to ask before hiring a long-distance moving company. So, let’s start!

a man using laptop for hiring a long distance moving company
If you are prepared for hiring a long distance moving company, the selection will be an easy process.

What kind of experience does the company have?

Firstly, you need to make sure the company you are about to hire has enough experience for a specific move like yours. As you’re moving long-distance, ask whether they have enough experience with such moves. Also, ask if the moving team is ready for moving your items to a big and busy city, to a building with many floors, etc. If anything about your move requires special equipment or skill – make sure you ask the moving representative about that.

Do they have proper license to perform long-distance moves?

To make sure you’re dealing with a professional and reliable moving company, ask them about their license. Every company should have a license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. After you get this info, make sure you check that number and see if the company is properly registered. Also, check if they provide the required level of insurance. This will help you avoid fraudulent movers and reduce the moving stress to a minimum.

What’s included in the price?

Every professional moving company should offer you a detailed moving estimate. Even so, ask them everything about the pricing, and what services are part of the offered deal. You should avoid the companies that have offers that are too good to be true, and can’t specify the price even after the estimate. Additional feels they don’t mention can unpleasantly surprise you in the end.

Remember: You should know that not only expensive companies are good companies. Discount Moving & Storage can perform reliable and professional moves at affordable prices. This way, you don’t need to worry about your budget but have a stress-free move.

calculator on a mobile phone used to estimate moving costs
Calculate your moving budget carefully, and ask about any additional costs.

Will they perform additional transfers?

Additional transfers are common with long-distance moves. The company transfers the items from one truck to another and therefore puts the items under greater risk. This is especially important if you’re moving in winter months. Therefore, be sure to ask the potential companies about additional transfers and insurance levels before you hire them.

What happens if you’re not satisfied after hiring a long-distance moving company?

The final point of your talk should be about complaints. So, before hiring a long-distance moving company, ask them about their complaints and claims history. See if there are any unresolved issues, and ask them about the way they handle problems that happen during moves. All of these questions will help you have a stress-free move, and pick the most professional and suitable moving team.