Guide to relocating your fine art collection from Alabama to Canada

Moving from the USA to Canada is a big step in life and a big change. If you are moving soon as an artist or you own a gallery, you probably have a fine art to relocate. Moving them long-distance is not easy – it is a very delicate job. Particularly if you are moving from Alabama, because this state is located in the southern part of the USA, so you have a lot of miles to Canada. Relocating your fine art collection from Alabama to Canada can be really stressful, and this is why we have created a simple guide for you to follow.

Choose a place in Canada best for you as an artist

One of the first steps to take when moving to Canada from Alabama is to choose where to move. Because CA is a big country with many beautiful cities to offer. Research the best places for artists in Canada and visit some of them if you are able to. Most Americans are moving to the southern part of Canada because the weather is nicer and the standard of living is better.

Canada flag.
If you are planning a relocation to Canada from the USA and you need to transport your fine art, know where to start and how to do it successfully

If you know where you will move, research moving companies that can help you move all your items, including your fine art too. Find a company that can help you will all moving-related tasks such as Know where you will move and then research homes. It should be suitable for your fine art and if you are creating art, you should have enough space for that.

Tips for relocating your fine art collection from Alabama to Canada

Fine art moving needs to prepared in advance. Packing art may give you a lot of headaches if you don’t know where to start or you don’t have the right help on your side. We can help you with moving your art collection by giving you these tips to follow.

  • Use microfiber – if some part of your artwork is made of glass, use a soft microfiber cloth to protect it when relocating your fine art collection from Alabama to Canada. It will also keep it clean and keep it away from dust and dirt. Dirt can damage your fine art as well.
  • Take your time – don’t rush things and don’t pack your artwork fast. Take your time with packing and transportation too. If you will drive a moving vehicle by yourself, drive slowly, and be safe.
  • Get the right insurance – most artworks are expensive, so you should have good coverage. Explore all your insurance options and choose the right coverage for all your items, especially valuables. Better be safe than sorry, protect your items during transportation.
  • Clear hallways – when moving your artwork in your house and loading them into a moving vehicle, make sure nothing is on your way. Clear your hallways, your front yard, remove all the obstacles so you can move around easily.
  • Get customized boxes – for packing fine art, it is best to use customized moving boxes. Your art will “travel” fr a long time, so to protect them during transportation, they need strong and firm boxes.

Hire professional art movers

For long-distance relocation, it is highly recommended to hire professional movers, especially when you need to transport fine art. Moving internationally, such as moving from Alabama to Canada can be smooth if you are organized.

An artist relocating your fine art collection from Alabama to Canada.
If you are an artist, make sure your work will be transported safely

It is safer and easier to hire moving experts because they already have experience with transporting long-distance. Your artwork is precious, so make sure they are in good hands, in hands of a reliable and experienced moving company. So, research movers online and also, ask for recommendations. People that moved recently probably have a good company to recommend. 

Verify the company’s information and don’t hire the first company you will find online. They must have a license, insurance, and experience with moving fine art. This way you can be relaxed when moving from the USA to Canada and your artwork will be in safe hands. Even the smallest damage can be expensive, that’s why you need to have a company you can trust.

Moving art from Alabama to Ontario safely with moving experts

Most people from the USA when moving to Canada, are moving to Ontario, particularly Toronto. It is one of the best cities for artists, so you should at least consider this place as your new home. Relocating your fine art collection from Alabama to Canada can be easily done by professionals.

If you are moving to Toronto, have someone who’s up to the task – the best option is to have professional moving assistance. International relocation is complicated and stressful and a moving company can help a lot. The distance between Alabama and Toronto is a little bit more than 1000 miles. It is not easy to drive a moving vehicle with fine art all day. 

Art gallery.
If you are moving your art gallery, find the right location and the right moving help

Renting a storage unit in Canada

Where to store your art after moving to Canada? After relocating your fine art collection from Alabama to Canada, you need to store them somewhere. The safest solution is to rent a storage unit. Calculate how big storage you need, and what is the average price for monthly rent in a location where you want to rent a storage facility. Also, besides that, calculate how much money you need for living in Canada and be prepared for a new lifestyle. Some people keep their art collection in their house, but, if your new home is smaller or not ready yet for moving in, then you don’t have other options.