Best Toronto neighborhoods for USA ex-pats

Toronto is home to one of the largest USA ex-pat communities in Canada. That should come as no surprise. Some Toronto neighborhoods do remind former US residents of their previous homes. If you plan a relocation to Canada sometime soon, it’s good you know where you can find your fellow ex-pats, or where you can find a decent new home. Although Toronto is not that different from big cities in the neighboring country, it has an undeniable charm. In the article below we’ll mention some of the best Toronto neighborhoods for USA ex-pats. We’re sure you’ll find something to your liking.

Kensington Market

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Toronto, Kensington Market is home to a pretty multicultural population. It’s also one of the hippest areas in the city. If you love South Asian culture, you’ll find Toronto’s Chinatown just south of Kensington Market. Don’t miss out on dining in Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, or Chinese restaurants. Local folks say Kensington Market is for people who want to really experience Toronto. It’s where Toronto is what it is. That being said, it’s no wonder why former American residents choose this neighborhood as their new home.

A sign that says Kensington. It's located in Kensington Market, one of the best Toronto neighborhoods for USA ex-pats.
Kensington Market is one of the hippest Toronto neighborhoods. Local folks say it’s the place you experience real Toronto.


Now, this one’s for all New Jersey ex-pats out there. If you’re one of them, you can’t go wrong by choosing Riverdale as your new home. It’s a place so similar to Jersey, you’d probably mistake it for the mentioned US state. It has a suburban feel to it, yet it’s not that far away from the downtown. Also, there’s a lot of parks in Riverdale you can enjoy. If you’re a family-oriented person you’ll surely appreciate that fact. If you’re a Jersey resident looking for relocation to Toronto, be well prepared for the move. For example, New Jersey’s home to quality moving service providers. Before you pack for the move, make sure you have all the material you need. It’s pretty safe to assume you’ll pick Riverdale as your new home.

Downtown Toronto viewed from Riverdale Park. Riverdale is among the best Toronto neighborhoods for USA ex-pats.
Downtown Toronto viewed from the famous Riverdale Park. You’ll enjoy beautiful days like the one in the picture once you relocate to Riverdale, Toronto.

Financial District

This one’s very popular with ambitious young American ex-pats. It’s located in the very heart of the city. If you enjoy the busy big city life, Financial District is the place to be. There are a lot of bars and restaurants, where young professionals relax after working hours, and you’re pretty close to some of Toronto’s iconic architecture. Also, you should know that downtown Toronto is very safe, even at night. So, if that means something to you (and it probably does), we can add a big plus next to Financial District’s name in our notebook. For example, if you’re moving away from NYC or its neighboring states to Toronto, you’ll have more freedom to move at night than ever before. Before you move, contact Gibraltar Van Lines, experienced New Jersey movers. They’ll make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

That’s about it. These were some of the best Toronto neighborhoods for USA ex-pats. Thanks for reading. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.