Reasons why Canadians enjoy Florida so much

Are you thinking about leaving Canada and moving to Florida? Well, you’re not alone. Every year, Florida state draws thousands of newcomers to its sandy shores. And it’s easy to see why. From the absence of state income tax to the sunshiny weather, there are many reasons why Canadians enjoy Florida so much. Here you’ll discover some of the main reasons.

So before you start following the pack and move like a pro – the ultimate guide, find out what are good reasons for making this move. Here’s a list of reasons why Canadians enjoy Florida so much.

Family Beach Florida - Reasons why Canadians enjoy Florida so much
There are many reasons why Canadians enjoy Florida so much.

Sunny and warm weather throughout the whole year

One of the main reasons why Canadians enjoy Florida so much and think about moving here is the weather. If you relocate to FL, you can expect more than 200 sunshine days of warm and sunny weather. Summer is hot and humid, but Florida seasons tend to be warm and mild. With so many beautiful days throughout the year, you can spend more time outdoors exploring everything this state offers.

If you leave Canada and come to the Sunshine State, you’ll probably never need more than a sweater during the winter. However, if you decide to bring all you own from Canada, you should consider renting a storage unit for those items. Just make sure you find a secure unit in the area. Sometimes people just can’t leave some of their belongings, and the best solution for those situations is renting a storage unit. This is a place where you can place your items and keep them safe and well-kept.

Reasons why Canadians enjoy Florida so much – No state income tax

If you’re looking to save more money every month, leave Canada and move to Florida. This state doesn’t require residents to pay state income taxes. So, if you become an FL resident, this lack of income tax allows you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

A strong economy and job market

Florida has a strong economy and job market because of its top industries of tourism, international trade, aerospace, and life sciences. At the beginning of In early 2021, Fl’s economy was named as the fourth largest in the USA. So, if you move here, with the help of Cross Country Moving Group, you can expect a wide range of job opportunities. The market is strong, and you can find many great companies in the Florida cities.

Dream Job Sign Direction
You can find your dream job in Florida.

Great education 

If you have kids in school or you’re attending college yourself, you’ll be happy to hear that FL offers some of the educational opportunities in the USA. However, you should know a family relocation from Canada to Florida – help your kids adapt to a new home. The Florida educational system is made up of both public schools and private institutions. So, if you’re moving here with kids, there is no need to worry about their education. 

Reasons why Canadians enjoy Florida so much – In conclusion

So, now when you know why Canadians enjoy Florida so much, are you considering moving here? The Sunshine State may be the perfect place for you. So, start planning your relocation as soon as possible because there is no time to lose. Moving here may be the best decision you’ve ever made.