Help your kids adapt to a new country – tips and tricks

Adaptation to a new environment can be tough for both adults and their children. Adding the factor of moving stress, we can get a whole mess of feelings such as confusion, fear, and missing the old home. Even though the moving process can be pretty overwhelming and hectic, parents need to find time and energy to help their kids cope with the change. This will also be beneficial for adults, as they will feel better, too. In this guide, we want to give you the most useful tips on how to help your kids adapt to a new country, starting even before the move. Let’s begin!


The essential step in adaptation is avoiding the factor of physical, mental, and social shock. This means you should start your preparation months before the actual move. Talk to your kids about the move as soon as possible, and keep them informed about the key details. Talk about what’s going to happen, and what are the effects of the relocation. Furthermore, do the virtual tours of the new city and the new home, so the child knows what to expect. Also, include them in the process of picking the new school – acknowledge their choices and work together towards the best solution. However, make sure you read about the things to consider before you make a decision like this – the school is one of the most important parts of children’s development.

a girl using laptop
Do some research about the new place together, and help your kids adapt to a new country even before the move.

Give solutions

You can expect some negative reactions regarding the move, and that’s absolutely fine. However, the way you react is very important in these moments. Make sure you give solutions and positive propositions for any negative feelings or issues your child mentions. Ensure them that online communication with their friend is always possible, that the new school also offers great facilities and programs, and that they will find a favorite playground in the new place as well. Pointing out all the benefits of the move and giving positive solutions will surely help your kids adapt to a new country much faster.

a boy in an amusement park as one of the solutions to help your kids adapt to a new country.
Make sure your child is aware of all the benefits of moving to a new country, so they can adapt faster.

Pack together

It’s important you keep the children included in the moving process. You can pack together, for example. Let your kids decide what are items they bring to the new home and are there some things they will leave behind. This will be a great preparation step – both physically and mentally.

Say goodbye properly

Give your child the chance to say goodbye to the old house and friends properly. If possible, make a farewell party, and make it a happy occasion. This will make moving with kids much easier and give closure to this life chapter.

Keep in touch

Kids might not accept everything and everyone new at first. That’s why it’s essential to keep in touch with people from the previous place regularly. Let them call friends, write emails, etc. It’s tough leaving people you love, regardless the age.

Keep the old routines

Even though everything else is new and unfamiliar, the basic routines inside your house should stay the same. This will ensure your kids feel secure and not that away from their home. Eating, sleeping, and playing routines should stay the same, and remind them that the most important parts of their life didn’t change. This, along with the quality time you spend together, will help your kids adapt to the new county much faster and be back on track in no time.