Home staging mistakes you should avoid at all cost

What is home staging and how it may help you with selling your home in Toronto? Is it necessary? No, it is not, but it can help you a lot to sell your home faster and for a better price. About 35% of home buyers increased their offer because of home staging. Simply said, home staging is a process where you are improving your home and preparing it for selling. For example, you can work on decor, rearranging furniture, removing unnecessary items, etc. But, what are home staging mistakes you should avoid at all costs? How to sell your home in Toronto fast at the best price?

Priorities first

Of course, every homeowner who is selling a home wants to earn as much as he/she can and to sell it as fast as possible. With home staging, you will attract more buyers from online listing photos. Your home will look more beautiful in photos and in person too. Rember the time when you were buying your first home in Toronto, and now it is time to sell it.

A messy basement
A messy home is not attractive to potential buyers

If you are selling an empty house, you should add temporary furniture and decoration. This way, potential buyers can get a clear picture. If you already have a furnished home, remove unnecessary items and clutter around your home. With some simple tricks, you can sell your home for a bigger price. But, be careful and try to avoid mistakes when home staging your home.

Home staging mistakes to avoid

Attract more potential buyers and make your home better. Home improvements do not have to be complicated, expensive nor hard. Here is the list of common home design traps that can costs you losing home buyers. Be fully prepared for this step and sell your home.

Clutter in your home

Nothing is more repulsive than a messy and cluttered home. A potential buyer cannot see the house if there is a lot of furniture, unnecessary items and if the home is not clean. You don’t have to do anything, but you must clean your home completely. If you have a lot of items you don’t need, sell them and earn money. You can organize a garage sale, sell your items online, or donate them to charity.

Overpersonalizing your home

Don’t put too many decorations and also too many personal items. Potential buyers should imagine their items there. And it will impossible if you have too many decorations. So, the best solution for this problem is to depersonalize your home. Keep your personal treasure in a storage unit, for example. Photos, collections, kids’ toys, artwork, etc. Keep it simple and make clean lines. Minimalism can be one of the best styles for your home right now.

To prepare home for selling, declutter first, then make it more beautiful

Don’t make big home renovations

Major renovations can be done only if they can increase home value. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are costly and maybe they are not worth the money. Or, don’t make a home office if you don’t have it, or adding one more bedroom is not the best solution. It is O.K. to work on your home office design if you already have it, for example. Sometimes simple and small home projects are better. Painting your walls, replacing the faucets, hardware is enough. Especially if your budget is not that big.

Skimping on light and heat

No one likes a dark and cold home. One of the home staging mistakes is to skimp on lighting and heat when staging your home. Or if it is too hot outside, turn on the AC to cool down your home. This will make your home cozy. Keep the lights on, and curtains open. Make your home open and bigger. Good lighting can do it.

Strong smells

What is the best smell for the house? Homemade cookies, for example. This can make your house feel like home. And that is the key when selling it. When a buyer picks up a bad odor, they won’t want to stay in. If you have a pet, or if you smoke, open your windows to fresh up the air.

Don’t forget the exterior

if you live in a house, pay attention to the exterior too. Especially if you have a yard. Clean it, and make a good first impression. Nice flowers in your garden can attract many people. Put chairs on your porch and a coffee table.

Organize closets

Forgetting to organize walk-in closets is a mistake. Buyers will want to open walk-in closets to see how big they are and if they have enough shelves for clothing and shoes. Especially in the master bedroom.

Going crazy with colors

Keep it simple, that is a rule for colors too. Use neutral colors for walls, furniture, carpets, kitchen, etc. For example, beige, white, light colors such as light gray. Maybe you like purple or red, but not all people do.

Hiring professionals for home staging

If you are too busy with other obligations or you don’t know how to stage your home, then you should hire someone with experience. Consult with the right people that are reliable and long in this business. They can help you with packing, unpacking, moving special items, disassembling and reassembling the furniture, and with moving too. 

Hire a professional if you cannot do it by yourself

Move your items to a new home

After selling a house, it is time to move to a new place. Moving your possessions is part of the process. Research moving companies from Toronto to help you out. Online, you will be able to find a lot of different movers. One of the websites you should research is moverstoronto.com.

A company you will hire for Toronto relocation must be reliable, reputable, experienced, and licensed. With the right mover, you can focus on your home and you won’t make home staging mistakes. So, it is a win-win situation. Moving and selling a home can be extremely overwhelming. Ask for help, do not do everything by yourself.