4 things you should always do when touring an empty house

If you find an empty house for sale, you should feel blessed. An empty house will give you the opportunity to imagine how you can decorate it to your own liking and visualize yourself living there easily. However, there are few things to check before finalizing the purchase.

Things to do when touring an empty house

Not sure what to do when touring an empty house? Don’t worry and read on to find out four things you should always do!

white door while touring an empty house
An empty house will give you the opportunity to visualize yourself living there

Bring your tools

You want to be sure your furniture or something other you’ve planned can fit. It’s important to plan ahead and bring the tools. Then, while touring the house, you can easily use them to see if and how your pieces can fit. You can also bring a tape measure along with your furniture dimensions so you can manually measure the space.

Think about room function in an empty house

You should carefully think about the function of the room when you see it. If you have kids, maybe you want one of the rooms to be fit for them? Or maybe you can turn one of the rooms into your home office? Keep in mind your lifestyle when touring a home, and try to envision if this home is able to function the way you want in order to fulfill your needs.

Let the light in

Always ask to tour the home in the daytime, to ensure it offers a lot of natural light. Make sure that all windows and blinds are open so you can let in the natural light. A dark room can appear smaller, and this is why you want as much light as possible. Also, seeing the space in natural light helps you get a better sense of its true size and dimensions.

girls sitting on the chair in an empty house
Make sure to have enough natural light in order to have a better idea of what the room actually look like.

Visualize yourself living in that empty house

After you are done with measuring and thinking about each of the functions of the room, it’s time for the fun part. Try visualizing what each room will look like. Make sure to write down any ideas you get regarding the decoration or remodeling in general. Most importantly – listen to your gut. What are “the vibes” in this place? Do you really see yourself living here?


So now, you are ready to relocate! Our sincere advice when it comes to any type of relocation is to always hire professionals. They are the experts who know how to handle things while you relax and focus on other things you have to accomplish before the move. However, one thing we also suggest is to read the moving contract carefully and make sure what it contains. This way you’ll have everything under control.

You’re all set and ready

So, you are all set! We provided four things you should always do when touring an empty house and tips regarding relocation and contracts.