From Toronto to Seattle – how to organize a DIY move

Moving is never an easy thing to organize and implement. From making a decision to unpacking, moving will consume your time and money, a lot of it. The special treat is long-distance move and interstate moving. If you combine those two and your organization skills are not good enough you will lose your temper and nerves. Because of that, the most important thing is to see what resources you have and to be organized as best as possible. Moving from Toronto to Seattle may seem like an easy thing to do if you have enough money, time, and energy. If you are missing any of these resources, it is important that you cope the best way you can. DIY moving tips can help you make up for the missing link.

Save as much as you can

Organizing a DIY move is never easy. Organizing any kind of move is hard, but it can be funny and exciting. When you find a perfect place for your new beginnings and when you provide the conditions for a new and better life, find yourself enough time to move. The goal is to save as much money as you can during the relocation, especially with such a long-distance move. When you are relocating from Toronto to Seattle you will have to put some extra effort into finding the right ways to dispose of your money and time. Saving those resources is essential. With a good DIY move, you can be at a profit.

Piggy bank
The budget is a starting point

Schedule responsibilities and tasks

A long-distance move is a coil of tasks, jobs, and responsibilities. Unraveling that can require a lot of money and nerves. If you set the right goal, and take the good steps you can do it in a cheap way. At first, you need to set a budget from the very beginning. Count in expected and unexpected expenses that may come up during a move. Be realistic about the things you can do by yourself and about jobs for which you will have to hire professionals. Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage is a great choice when you are looking for professional assistance. They can help you with anything during your move. Focus on what you can do, because that will save you a lot of money and it will make your DIY move successful. Start with:

  • Set your budget
  • Declutter your place
  • Enlisting helpers
  • Be creative with packing
Person in front od the board with plans
Make your plan

Spend a little

Enlist all those things that you have to pay no matter what. Making a realistic and detailed budget is important. Don’t forget that sometimes money well spend is not waste. Some things will cost you more if you are trying to do them all by yourself. Renting a moving vehicle, a convenient option for extra items, reusable moving supplies are not a waste of money. You will need reliable moving and safe transport of your staff. If some things are carelessly moved and broken, it will cost you more than if you paid for transport. Weather-tight self-storage containers can facilitate your relocation from Toronto to Seattle. You will need a safe place for your valuable items. In the end, it is your property after all. Boxes from a firmer material can be used again and again and you can reduce the amount of waste you are going to make.

Free your space

Organize your items

Clean and declutter your place and try to do it by yourself. You don’t want to spend extra money and space on all those things that you don’t need. If you manage to be realistic with every step of the move, you will succeed in your DIY move. We all tend to collect unnecessary things and sometimes buy impulsively. When it comes time to move, the amount of stuff can be a problem and a waste of money. In that case, sell unwanted stuff for extra cash, donate it or throw it. Arrange and divide things well. You can divide them in several ways, in endurance, essentiality, size. It is recommended that you pack them following those categories. Always pack personal and important items separately and keep them close to you.

Life support

Whatever happens in your life, your friend and family will be there for you. They will probably help you with your move from Toronto to Seattle. Organize them and give them tasks. They can help you with packing and loading your items. If there is enough of you, a piece of bulky furniture will not be a problem and that is a big deal. Working with your loved ones will help you stay in a good mood, save your money and it will speed things up. The right people in the right places will make your move from Toronto to Seattle easy.

Wrap it, pack it, tape it

Get free moving boxes if you can find them, or reuse the old ones. Use the bags that you already have and if you need the new ones try to be smart with this. Larger boxes from a firmer material and of the same shape will be the best choice. You can reuse it and pack it perfectly in a way that it won’t take up too much space. Be creative with packing. Pack each room individually if it is easier for you to store and mark your items like that. Pay some extra attention to fragile things and brittle furniture. Make it easy for yourself by disassembling every piece of furniture that can be disassembled and secure the edges. Use the furniture you normally use for storage to pack things in it. Like this, you will save a lot of money.

You may assume that moving from Toronto to Seattle will extract a lot of money from your pocket. This doe not have to be the case. If you invest enough time and patience, you can successfully organize a good DIY move and save your money like that. It is important to remember that is not impossible. Save yourself, your time, and money for some new and better things waiting for you at the new address.