How to organize a garage sale

Moving to a new home is the perfect opportunity to reduce the number of unnecessary items in your house. This way, you’ll have fewer boxes to pack and also reduce the moving costs. The best way to get rid of these items and even make some money is to organize a garage sale. Read our tips on how to organize a garage sale that will be successful and bring ou some more cash you’ll definitely need for the moving process.

Organize in advance

The key to a successful garage sale is being ready and organized on time. Be sure to prepare everything in advance, so you can have time on that very day to deal with the customers rather than taking care of things you could easily do beforehand. It’s good to have a checklist with a timeline, so you can review the items you’ve done.

Selling items on a garage sale.
When you prepare and pick a date wisely, you can expect a lot of visitors on your garage sale.

Choose a date

First of all, think of how much time you need to prepare so you can pick the right day. Next, pick the next first weekend of the month – it’s the time when buyers are most commonly in the mood for shopping and have the money for it.

Get a permit to organize a garage sale

Each city has its own rules about organizing garage sales. That’s why you should check with the local city officials and get one if it’s necessary.

Go through your items and gather the goods for sale

Packing for the move is the perfect chance to pick the items you don’t need and use and move them to the ‘garage sale pile’. Pick items that you haven’t used for ages, but are still in good condition and get them ready for the sale.

Promote your garage sale

If you want to organize a garage sale successfully, you need to promote this event and attract as many people as possible. Be sure to let your friends, family, and neighbors know and create an event on Facebook to attract more of them. Also, put up signs around your neighborhoods, telling the time and date of your garage sale.

Get all the supplies

Be prepared for the garage sale day. This means you need to get all the necessary supplies that will make the sale easier and faster. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • price tags (it’s good to get tags in some bright, neon colors, to make them more visible)
  • batteries – if an item needs to be tried out before selling it.
  • paper/plastic bags – after you sell an item, shoppers will need a bag to put the item in.
  • change – get enough coins and smaller bills so you can give out change.
  • a mirror – if you are selling clothes, get a mirror so customers can try on items.
  • fanny pack or an apron to keep the money in.
  • calculator
Records priced 1 euro at a garage sale
Price your items clearly and reasonably, so you can sell as much as possible.

Be friendly

Keep in mind what’s the whole point of the sale – to get rid of the items you don’t need. That’s why you shouldn’t overprice your items. Finallybe friendly with the customers and accept the haggling!