Reasons for moving from Canada to Ohio

There are a lot of reasons to move from Canada to the US. The States offer a lot of opportunities for anyone looking to work and prosper there. Its developing economy and job opportunities are drawing people in. American lifestyle and education possibilities are also endless. Basically, these are the top reasons to move to the US and that is why a lot of people dream of doing it. But, what are the moving possibilities? Where should people move to? And what would be the reasons for moving to Ohio from Canada in the first place?

Things to know before moving from Canada to Ohio

Well, Ohio is not really the obvious choice for moving from Canada but it is a good one. It is bordering Canada so a move there is not going to be a big change. But still, Ohio as any other part of the country has its charms and reasons to attract a lot of young people searching for peace of American lifestyle. The reasons are diverse and range from economical, educational to the simple need to change the lifestyle and experience something new. Many people are moving there from all over the US, Canada, and world and hiring movers like to help them execute the move. So what is it that can attract people to move to Ohio and what does it have to offer?

Rock and roll Hall of fame.
In addition to its beauty, nature and diversity, Ohio is also home to the R&R Hall of Fame

Natural beauties

Ohio has to offer the perfect nature and natural beauties. The state has over 110 lakes and is home to a lot of beautiful waterfalls. It hosts some stunning landscapes and unique wildlife and nature that makes it the hidden gem of the Midwest. As such, it is a magnet for anyone enjoying nature and adventure that Ohio has to offer. And that is just a beginning because the state has even more to offer.

Cost of living

One more point that makes Ohio a point of interest when moving from Canada is the cost of living. The state is one of the most affordable to live in. Reasonable prices make it a state that makes it easy to move in to. Rent and property prices are reasonable and the overall cost of living is at an average. The biggest cities like Cincinnati, Columbus or Cleveland are more affordable than in the other states. In this way, the state offers the opportunity to taste the American lifestyle at a reasonable rate.

Job market

Ohio’s economy is experiencing a revolution. At the moment it is making a transition from production-based to more creative based industry. Technology and creative solutions are drawing in the young technologically advanced workforce. The industry is changing and so is the nature of new startups. Some traditional industries are also booming predominantly in the fashion industry. With a lot of brand name companies from different fields moving in the economy is developing and changing fast. This means that job opportunities are rising and diversifying. Such development is making Ohio a desirable place to look for a job and move there for a job opportunity.

Night photo of a bridge in Cincinnati, the city which is a perfect choice when moving from Canada to Ohio.
Cincinnati is an attractive family-friendly town.

The people and culture

The people in Ohio have a reputation for being the nicest in the States. They are considered to be the best neighbors and that their mentality is to be friends with everyone in Ohio. Cultural, Ohio is very diverse. The diversity comes from its history and heritage. Today it is home to the largest Amish community in the world. At the same time diversity comes from the CU that attracts a lot of young people. Students from all over the world add to the diversity. Even more so if you know that they are referred to as weird – hipster-like community.

The state is also home to a Rock museum and hall of fame as well as the home of aviation. The Wright brothers were working and performed their first flight in Ohio, In addition, the state is home to some rare artifacts and burial mounds from the earliest history of the continent.

Where to move to

Although Ohio has a lot of small cities and towns that can offer a small-town feel and pleasant living conditions it is important to take note of the biggest and most developed cities.

Cincinnati is located on the Mississippi and has a stunning nature and scenery that makes it a pleasant city. Cincinnati is very affordable and attracts a lot of families moving in.

The cheapest city is Cleveland. This is why the city is home to so many startups and entrepreneurs. The city is even ranked as one of the most entrepreneurial friendly cities in the world. The rents are very low which is perfect for startups looking to cut their initial costs at the beginning. With further incentives, the city is helping to develop its economy and business.

Columbus skyline
Columbus is the capital but also an educational center of the state

Columbus is the capital of the state as well as its educational center. Columbus University is one of the best in the US. With its educational results, it is attracting young students from all over the world. Lately, it is bustling with creativity and is developing creative industries and new solutions. It is also making strides in the fashion industry rivaling NYC and LA in the creative and fashion industries. The city is also very affordable and attracts a lot of diverse people from all over the world. Its development is based on knowledge and design.  

Moving to Ohio

So, if you are interested in moving to Ohio you will have to face the same moving problems as with any other move. To execute it correctly and without stress, you should do proper planning and preparation of the move. If you are planning a long-distance relocation you should also take care of the storage of your belongings. Do your research and prepare so you will know about the things to look out for when searching for a storage unit. The best advice is to hire a moving company that can provide a full moving service and relocate you stress and hassle-free. Do your research and find a reputable mover to help you.

So, now you know that Ohio can be a desirable destination to move to from Canada. There are a lot of reasons to consider moving here and becoming a part of the community. Research and list the reasons you will certainly find the one that will appeal to you.