Canada vs. UAE – where to live?

Are you thinking about moving to Canda or the United Arab Emirates? It is a tough decision since both countries are a great choice. If you are moving in order to find a better job, and possibly a better future, again, both counties offer many possibilities. Maybe in the United Arab Emirates, it will be easier to get a job. Almost everybody here has a job, only 1.6% of adults are unemployed. Moreover, if you are moving in order to provide a better life for your family, Canada will be a better choice. With a great education system and low crime rates, your children will love it here. Each country has its good and bad sides. Here, we will try to give you some comparison between the two of them and possibly make you choose more easily. Keep on reading to find out which country is better, Canada vs. UAE.

The Climate

The first thing in Canada vs. UAE debate is the climate. We are starting with the prior. Canada’s climate is diverse, and it depends on geography. Temperature differ depending on where you are and what time of year it is, of course. Other than the north, where its frost and sometimes 25 degrees Celsius, other cities are typical and have four seasons. Mild springs, hot summers, and pleasantly crisp autumns are common during the majority of the year.

Weather forecast
These two countries are completely different when it comes to their climates and weather conditions. So, before you make your relocation decision final, do a thorough research on both of them.

So, there is something for everybody. On the other hand, we have a climate in the United Arab Emirates. Things are different here. The United Arab Emirates has a desert climate, with warm winters and very hot and sunny summers. You will not see snow here, and rains are very research on both of them.

Culture and Society

Again, we are dealing with two extremes in Canada vs. UAE culture! For example, Canada is known to be a diverse country which is welcoming immigrants of every cast, religion, community, race, and nationality. Also, getting your Visa is not a complicated and long process. You will definitely meet the whole world here. That can be both good and bad experience, depending on how you look at it. First, with so many diverse people, you can see many different cultures and mindsets.
However, this brings safety to question. And, when talking about the United Arab Emirates, we have to mention that this is a conservative country, so you will need to be careful. But fear not, you can adjust easily. It is also worth mentioning that you need to have a job before you come to the UAE or you will not get a visa. Moreover, lifestyles are very different. While in Canada, people are going crazy for organic food and health, in the UAE people are going crazy for having muscled bodies. If you are here, it is time to start finding your own personal instructor in Dubai.

Cost of Living

Now, let us talk about the financial aspect of the Canada vs. UAE comparison. The United Arab Emirates is a tax-free country, where people do not pay any taxes, whereas in Canada people pay many different types of taxes. Having said that, a part of those taxes is used to give residents free public schools and health care.

Dollar bills in a wallet
Both Canada and the United Arab Emirates are countries which have high living standards. So, before you make the decision to move, see if you can have the same living standard as the local residents.

In the UAE, these things are not free. Healthcare is definitely not free, and you should prepare to spend a good deal of money on your child’s school. Housing is more expensive in the UAE, while the price of insurance is extremely higher in Canada. Another thing worth mentioning is that many companies in the UAE provide their employees and their families with health insurance, housing and pay for kids’ schools too. So, if you are planning to get a job, financially you will be better off in the UAE than in Canada.

Why do people love Canada:

In the previous parts of this article, we mentioned the most important aspects you need to know before moving to one of these two countries. Now we will focus on each country individually. So, why do people love Canada:

  • Friendliness – Everybody knows that Canadians are the friendliest nation in the whole world. It is in the water. Crime rates are low, people offer help, there is no honking in the traffic. What more could you ask for?
  • Diversity – Canada is at the top of the 10 most diverse countries in the world. One-fifth of Canada’s total population was born elsewhere.
  • Outdoor recreation – Skiing, hiking, biking, and climbing are an integral part of the Canadian identity. With all of that great outdoors, you have to find some recreation for you.
  • Natural Wonders – They are on every corner. With over40 national parks and national park reserves, there are more lakes, rivers, mountains, glaciers, and coastline there than you will ever have the time to explore.
  • Maple Syrup – it is one of Canada’s most delicious phenomenons.
  • Hockey – This sport was born and bred here.
A woman in the mountains - this can make it or break it in Canada vs. UAE decision.
If you are adventurous and an outdoorsy person, Canada is a place for you!

Why do people love UAE?

It is no secret that many people nowadays emigrate to the United Arab Emirates, and this is why:

  • Security – Crime rates are low because the laws are very strict here. Also, you can not buy alcohol or cigarettes anywhere. Moreover, it is a gunless society.
  • Better work-life balance – Working mothers here actually have time and energy to take their kids outside and enjoy life.
  • Blue skies 330 days of the year – It is always summer here. Say goodbye to winters.
  • The most amazing beaches – Call and start working on your beach body. Chances are that you will spend all your free time on the beach.
  • Food and fun from all over the world – There are hundreds of malls here. They offer a constant source of fun. Your life can never be boring if you can visit a different mall or try a different cuisine every week.
  • Tax-free salary – With this, you can actually save a lot of money.

This finishes our Canada vs. UAE debate. So, where will you be moving?