Canadian family’s guide to the best Seattle suburbs

We noticed that many Canadian families are moving to Seattle. That’s why we will be talking about the best Seattle suburbs because suburbs are the best places for raising a family. Seattle is a great place, but do you know why so many Canadian families are moving there? It looks like its job opportunities among many other things. It’s no surprise that U.S. News & World Report has consistently ranked Seattle as one of the top 10 cities to live in the USA. Seattle is not only surrounded by beautiful evergreen forests, but it is also well-known for its commitment to environmental protection. In addition, the city’s residents have salaries that are higher than average. All of those are great reasons to move here. While we are at it we will also talk about the international relocation and who can help you with it.

Let’s start with Bellevue as one of the best Seattle suburbs

Bellevue’s mix of suburban and urban dwellings makes it an ideal suburb for those seeking a small-town lifestyle without sacrificing access to big-city conveniences. This is a win-win combination for families.  Top-notch schools like Spiritridge Elementary School and Bellevue High School make the area a popular choice for families. Interlake High School and Bellevue High School are two of the area’s best options. Nevertheless, there is much more to discover in this Seattle suburb. Bellevue College, the Bellevue Gathering district, and companies such as T-Mobile, Paccar, or Expedia are all great places to get an education or a job in the area. Also, suburbs are much more affordable. New Jersey is also very popular amongst Canadian families but we will be focusing on Seattle now.

A dog in the street in one of the best Seattle suburbs
How do you like our first choice? Don’t worry, we have a few more coming.

Bothell is the most affordable one on our list

We think that this is one of the best Seattle suburbs to call home. Bothell is located just 30 minutes north of the city. The city’s low housing costs, good safety ratings, and ongoing downtown development initiatives have made it a great place for business owners, young professionals, entrepreneurs, families, and students of all ages and backgrounds! If you’re looking for an urban-suburban lifestyle in Bothell, you won’t be disappointed: North Creek Forest is just a short drive away and is a local favorite destination.

Mercer Island is the luxurious one

With Mercer Island, you can live in a safe suburb of Seattle with luxurious homes. Not only is this suburb a great place to escape the city noise, but its proximity to I-90 makes commuting to downtown Seattle or Bellevue simple as well! Lakeridge Elementary, Mercer Island High School, and Northwest Yeshiva High School are some of the finest public/private schools in Seattle located on Mercer Island. That is the reason why so many families love this suburb. can help you to get there or if you need any other help like finding storage or packing as well.

A nice house
For those looking for a nice house – this is the place.

Redmond is one of the best Seattle suburbs for job seekers

As we already said Redmond is the best suburb for job seekers and many families need to be near good job opportunities! Some of the best tech jobs in Redmond can be found at companies like Nintendo, Terex, and also the Microsoft Millennium Campus headquarters, in addition to the Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s professional development opportunities. Redmond, a suburb of Seattle, is also home to numerous parks. Marymoor Park and Sammamish Valley Park are one of the most popular ones. This is great if you have young kids. Make sure to research this suburb as well. We loved it. So did many Canadian families living there. Canadian entrepreneurs on the other hand usually choose NYC or Manhattan to be exact.

Kenmore is the most popular one amongst Canadian families

A Seattle suburb, Kenmore has a population of about 23,000 people.  Kenmore is a densely populated suburb where the majority of residents are homeowners. In Kenmore, you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and parks. You will also find a lot of Canadian families which will make fitting in much easier. This is a big suburb – almost like a city so the life here is pretty similar to living in an urban city. You get the best of both worlds here. You also get the best movers in this area. They can help you to opt for the right solution when it comes to self-storage for example. They can also help you when it comes to settling in.

A family of four having fun while walking.
This can be a perfect place for you and your family

Sammamish is the last on our list but not the least

With tree-lined streets, and excellent schools Sammamish is a great place to raise a family in the Seattle area. However, Sammamish’s proximity to Washington’s beautiful nature and outdoor recreation is what truly sets it apart. Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park,   Evans Creek Preserve, and many other local parks can be found in this Seattle suburb. The place is bordered (on the west side) by Lake Sammamish. This is the last suburb we wanted to show you. It is definitely worth exploring and spending some time researching. If you have history buffs in your family make sure to visit Maryland at least once.

Choosing the right suburb will be tough

Now you have a serious task and a big decision to make. Which one of the best Seattle suburbs will be the best for you and your family? It’s up to you to decide. Take into consideration everything we just showed you and what your family thinks. You should make this decision together. That way all of you will be happy.