Top New Jersey places for Canadian families 

Leaving Canada for the Garden State is a big decision. You will have to deal with moving to a new place, new workplaces and not knowing anybody. However you look at it, it will be challenging to adjust to Jersey for you and your family. But it does not have to be that challenging if you pick the right area of Jersey to relocate. Toronto Local Movers will tell you about the top New Jersey places for Canadian families. You and your family will not have a hard time adjusting to these places in the Garden State. 

The benefits of moving to New Jersey 

Before we get into the best towns in New Jersey to relocate with your family from Canada, let’s see what Jersey has to offer. 

  • First, since you have a family having a stable job is crucial. You will not struggle to find a job in New Jersey since the state has a strong economy. In addition, New York City is nearby, and there are plenty of employment options there. 
  • Come to New Jersey from Canada because of the healthcare system. Jersey has the best hospitals in America – the state is ranked in the top five when it comes to its healthcare system. 
  • Third, New Jersey has a lot of clean beaches where you can spend summers with your family. 
  • Fourth, you should get a pet in Jersey because the state and its people are dog-friendly. 
  • Five, people are willing to help but will not poke their nose in unnecessary things about your family life. 
  • Finally, you will want to eat out constantly when you move to Jersey because they have great restaurants that serve delicious food. 

English cocker spaniel
When you move to one of the top New Jersey places for Canadian families, you should get a dog because Jersey is dog-friendly.

To get all the benefits of New Jersey, All Season Movers can help you relocate. They offer plenty of moving services and should be able to help with any moving dilemma. But you should look for other movers to see if they meet your standards. 

Top New Jersey places for Canadian families – Princeton 

The first place in our article belongs to Princeton. Princeton is probably the most popular city in New Jersey because of the Ivy League university with the same name. Even though Princeton is a small town of only 30,000 residents, it offers the benefits of the big city. 

By moving to Princeton, you will be close to New York City and Philadelphia and can reach these cities in minutes. Most people decide to get a job in the Big Apple and commute to work. By living in Princeton, you will get the benefits of NYC without the high cost of living. 

A university building, read about the top New Jersey places for Canadian families
If you relocate to Princeton, your kids might get a chance to study at Princeton University.

But even though Princeton is not as expensive as NYC, the cost of living is pretty high. The cost of living is almost double the national average. And if you are looking to buy a family home, the median comes cost is 702,900 dollars. However, Princeton residents have a high household income of 125,506, so you will not struggle to provide for your family. 

You will not have to worry about your children’s safety in Princeton because the crime rates are low in the city. 

Finally, the atmosphere in the city is that of a small town. Everybody knows everybody, and the restaurants recognize their returning customers. Princeton will quickly accept you and your family. Start planning your move from Canada to New Jersey so you can begin your new life in Princeton with your family. 

Check out Alpine

One of the top New Jersey places for Canadian families is Alpine. The borough is in Bergen County on the Hudson River. 

You are only 15 miles away from Manhattan. But you will probably have to drive to get to the city because there is no public transport. 

Alpine is the best place for families who want privacy. The borough only has around 1800 residents. Since it is so small, it is one of the safest communities in the Garden State. There are a lot of amenities in the town to protect the privacy of its residents. One of the biggest benefits of Alpine is that the taxes are very small. By living in Alpine – you will pay much fewer taxes than other bigger places in New Jersey. 

security logo
Since Alpine is small, you and your family will not have to worry about security.

However, the privacy of Alpine does not come cheap. Groceries, transportation, and utilities are expensive in Alpine. But the most costly things in Alpine are the homes. The median home cost is 2,376,400 dollars. If you want to lead a private life with your family Alpine is a perfect choice. And to relocate there, skilled assistance is a must – Alpine local moves can move you into your new home. 

Top New Jersey places for Canadian families – Ridgewood 

Our final recommendation is Ridgewood. Ridgewood is another city in 

Bergen County with around 25,000 residents. 

The locals enjoy a high quality of life in the city. Even though the city is expensive, you can keep up because of the high salary. As a family, you will earn around 162,011 dollars a year, which can cover the high cost of living in the city. You and your children will love the city. The crime rate is low, which allows your children to spend time outside. And you will love it because around 60 percent of people in Ridgewood are married couples with whom you can organize double dates. 

The average cost of homes in Ridgewood is around 783,400 dollars, so before you decide to move, we recommend saving up for your dream home. And when you are ready to move, check out a moving guide to make the whole process of relocation to Jersey more comfortable. 


These are our picks for the top New Jersey places for Canadian families. Each one of the cities and towns in our article has benefits for a Canadian family looking to move to New Jersey.