Canadian guide to the coolest neighborhoods of NYC

Although Canada and the US are very close, moving from one country to another can be very different. The people, the culture, the crowd. But every year a lot of Canadians come to NY in search of a new, fancy job. Some are looking to make it on the big screen or in the theatre. For whatever reason you are moving, we are sure this will be the adventure of a lifetime for you and your family. Choosing the right neighborhood in NYC is definitely a challenging task. You can find something fabulous in every part of the city. That’s why they call it the capital of the world. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it there. Except maybe some peace and quiet, you must go south for that one. Let’s check out some of the coolest neighborhoods of NYC.

Choosing the coolest neighborhoods of NYC

If you are unsure how to choose the best place for you, there is something you could do. Consult your family. Keep them included and hear their wishes. Also, you might want to hire a real estate agent since you live in a different country and it is not easy to just drop off to check outhouses. Ask your real estate agent when the perfect time to move is. Here is a list of some cool neighborhoods to check out.

A busy street in one of the coolest neighborhoods of NYC.
This is what the capital of the world looks like.

Astoria, Queens

This is the first one to mention because it is officially the safest part of Queens and also the nicest. This is such a great and laid-back neighborhood known for some amazing Greek taverns and cafes. Another attraction – The Museum of the Moving Image, but we will not be writing any spoilers for this one. You need to see the exhibition for yourself. If you think this might be the best place for you and your family, you can ask neighbors to give you a hand when settling. There is no need to do it all on your own. There are professionals nowadays for that job to make your relocation stress-free.

Brooklyn Heights

This is not one of the coolest neighborhoods of NYC, this is the posh part of the city. But the coolest thing about Brooklyn Heights is that a lot of celebrities live there. Matt Damon, Daniel Craig. Emily Blunt, Adam Driver, and a lot more. Imagine if some of them are your first-door neighbor. Perfectly landscaped walkways, playgrounds, and waterfront are just part of the charm of this neighborhood. If a posh lifestyle is perfect for you then welcome to your new home, just ring the professionals to make all arrangements for you and find your storage if you need one and start your fancy new life.

Young people sitting on the stairs in front of a building
Are you ready for this new posh lifestyle that Brooklyn Heights brings?

Hicksville, Long Island

This might just be the best place to live in NYC. You have that suburban feel and most residents there actually own homes. A lot of young professionals live there. This place is a magnet for millennials. Hicksville is 23 miles from Manhatten. If you choose this part of NYC for your future home, you are lucky. Service is great in this area, local movers are top-notch, and they will make your life easier since they will be doing all the hard work.

SoHo, Manhattan

This might be the perfect place for every fashion lover. Fancy chain stores, famous designer boutiques, and high-end galleries are what make this part of the city so trendy. This part of Manhattan is best known for its elegant cast-iron facades and cobblestone streets. If you are wondering what do SoHo means, it’s an acronym for South of Houston street. Fitting in this neighborhood will be challenging except if you are a true fashionista.

Chelsea, Manhattan

The best townhouses are right here. Also, this part of the city is known for its famous sights, Chelsea Market, High Lanes, and famous restaurants. In the renting department – this is the most expensive part of the city though. So this is a downside, but looking at those charming almost identical low-rise apartment buildings you will fall in love. But moving here on your own will be a real hassle. There are benefits of hiring local movers to help you.

 A street in Chelsea, one of the coolest neighborhoods of NYC.
Chelsea, one of the coolest neighborhoods in NYC.

The stress of moving

Relocating your family and whole life can be quite stressful. But with a help of professionals, it will be easier. Also, the best thing you can do is to prepare ahead. Plan months ahead. Start packing months ahead. There is no such thing as overpreparing. You will feel more at ease and like you got it all together. Make lists, this is a great way not to forget the little things. Also, before you start packing you might want to consider downsizing and decluttering as apartments in NY are not as big as the ones in Canada. You might not have as much room as you are used to. But even if you do, think do you really need all those items you collected over the years. Are they all functional, do you have one of those dust collector items? This is only something to consider prior to packing that might make this whole process easier.

Choosing the coolest neighborhoods of NYC

As you can see, this will not be an easy task. But eventually, it’s all about you and what are you looking for. There are pros and cons to every part of the city but we are certain you will choose the best for you and your family. If you worry about being an ex-pat in NY, don’t. This city is so diverse they are quite accustomed to ex-pats and very friendly towards strangers. One more thing, do you know when you can start calling yourself a true NY man? After living there 10 years, according to the ones born there. 10 years living in the world’s capital will just fly by and soon you will be one of them. Good luck!