Guide to expat community in NYC

Are you moving to NY as a Canadian? Being an ex-pat is not easy even if you are moving from Canada to the USA, where the language is the same, as well as a lifestyle. Is there an expat community in NYC of Canadians, and how to adjust after moving fast and easy?

So many Canadians are moving to NYC because it is near, there are so many job opportunities, entertainment options, even there are Canadian artists living in NYC. There are about 23,000 Canadians in New York City and most of them are in Manhattan. NYC has Canadian restaurants and bars too, so if you feel a little bit nostalgic, you can go to some of those places and meet other Canadian ex-pats there (93%). Job is one of the main reasons for moving to NYC, and 30% of New York Canadians are earning $66,000, on average. Most of them are working in Management, administration, and the media/entertainment industry.

A girl on the airport.
If you are planning to move to NYC from Canada and to live there as an expat, first find a guide to follow

Pros of living in NYC

What are the reasons for moving from Toronto to New York and what this big city in NY have to offer to foreigners?

  • Career opportunities are endless, from entertainment, economy, to art and healthcare.
  • Public transportation in NYC is one of the best in the whole world.
  • It is easy to find an expat community in NYC. so you won’t feel alone, no matter where you are coming from.
  • NYC has a long history and rich culture.
  • If you are young and single, NYC is a great place to be, because of dating.
  • NYC is safer than it was back in the 80s.
  • A lot of events and entertainment options.
  • The diversity is huge. In NYC, there are more than 750 languages spoken, and it is an ex-pat hub.
Cars in NYC.
Living in NYC has many advantages

Hire a long-distance moving company

To become an ex-pat in NYC, you must first move there, of course. To move with ease, research moving companies with long experience in the transportation industry. When ex-pats are moving to NYC, you should gather useful information starting online and then ask other Canadians for their opinion and experience. Research movers online and read online moving reviews to confirm they are reputable and reliable.

Pack for moving to NYC

Part of every relocation process is packing and it takes most of the time when moving. Gather packing materials and supplies, separate items you want to move and items you want to toss (or donate/sell), and start as soon as possible. It can take even a whole month to pack all your household items.

Make sure to have enough packing supplies

What if you have a lot of items and you don’t have enough space for them? How to pack and where to store them? There is a practical solution for your extra items, to get enough storage bins and your items will be properly packed, without damages. 

Renting a storage unit in NYC after moving

It is not a secret that housing is not cheap in NYC, it is one of the most expensive in the country. A lot of people in NYC need to rent a storage unit because of high rent and small apartments. When there is not enough space in the apartment, and you don’t want to spend more money on a bigger place, a solution is to rent a storage unit.

But, you will need storage supplies to pack items first and then to store them. Capital City Bins have all the right supplies you might need for packing and storing your items.

Things to know as an ex-pat in NYC

Living in New York City as someone who is not born there, may be scared and difficult. It is a friendly, sophisticated city with a rich history, but there are some things to know, so you will adjust faster. Get local knowledge and you will be part of the community.

  • A neighborhood, where you will live, is important. Canadians often choose Manhattan as their new home and the biggest Canadian community is there, only 4% choose Brooklyn, and less than 1% Queens or Staten Island.
  • School buses are free, so if you are moving with kids, you should know that. Also, public transportation can take you to every part of the city, it is the best in the world.
  • For the Canadian expat community in NYC, it may be strange and different when it comes to healthcare. It is totally different than it is in Canada.
  • Rent per month is expensive and that will be one of the biggest changes after moving to NYC. The biggest part of the money will go on rent every rent, this is why many people here have a roommate, sometimes more than 1.
  • The weather is similar to the weather in the southern part of Canada.
  • If you are looking for a job, yea there are plenty of opportunities, but keep in mind that the competition is very strong.

Finding an expat community in NYC

It is important to make friends after moving to NYC. To find the Canadian community, in Manhattan there is a big community and non-Canadians too. This way you will adjust faster after moving, especially if you are moving alone, without family.

An expat community in NYC
Find “your” people in NYC, you should not have a problem with that

After finding an expat community in NYC, your life there will be a little bit easier. They already have been there, moved, searched for a job, looking for an apartment. Simply said, they already have a lot of experience that can share with you. Even before moving, you can join some Facebook groups, read forums, or join other online groups, etc. Find help wherever you can, you will need it. People often get depressed or nostalgic after moving to a big city where they don’t know anyone. Adjusting is a key.