Expanding Ottawa business to Toronto – best locations for your new offices

You might be considering moving your business from Ottawa to Toronto. You might be unsure about which areas in the city offer the most affordable and accommodating office space. For this reason, we have written this short guide to brief you on expanding Ottawa business to Toronto – the best locations for your new offices.

Toronto is a city that is perfect for setting up your company. Why? Because there are plenty of smaller business centers alongside large business districts. This means that you are able to choose where you would like to be located according to your preferences and the size of your company.

toronto big office buildings
Toronto is home to many skyscrapers and office spaces.

Toronto is also famous in the business world for its groundbreaking entrepreneur aid programs. Alongside this, it inhabits professionals from various walks of life, work experiences, and educational backgrounds.

Due to all of the factors we have noted, Toronto is a city that can easily stand up against the professional work culture that is present in Ottawa. This means that relocating your business from Ottawa to Toronto will not present such a drastic change for you and your staff.

How to approach expanding Ottawa business to Toronto – best locations for your new offices

One way to approach expanding Ottawa business to Toronto is to look for commercial real estate listings in Toronto’s center. We will note a few things you need to be aware of to guide you through the rental process. Additionally, we will mention some of the best locations for your new offices in Toronto.

Office rental at affordable prices

Naturally, you want to set up your premises in a financial district that you can afford. Luckily, office rental in the city center is much more affordable and convenient than in other metropolitan areas in the country. 

The main reason why it is much more budget-friendly to set up shop in downtown Toronto is because you will be surrounded by many amenities that are easily accessible from central neighborhoods. 

crowd in front of toronto sign
Toronto is known for its affordable office rental prices.

Also, working in the vicinity of Toronto’s impeccable public transportation makes renting in the city center affordable. Also, renting office space in Toronto is usually relatively flexible and transparent alongside its affordability. If the offered prices do not meet your budget, switch part of your business operations to a shared coworking space. Another option that you may consider is switching to remote working once you relocate from Ottawa to Toronto. 

Shared services are another benefit related to expanding your business from Ottawa to Toronto

Typically, utilities make up for a large part of your monthly or annual office rental fees. Fortunately, the cost of renting most office spaces in Toronto is lowered since utility bills and other services are already factored into the rental price. So, you will not need to worry about excess electricity costs, paying additionally for a quick Internet connection. These services are usually already accounted for by the site owners. 

The same goes for cleaning costs, security, and shared resources such as printers and scanners. For this reason, relocating to one of the office buildings in or near Toronto’s city center is relatively cheap.

big office building in toronto
Moving your offices from Ottawa to Toronto is easier than it seems.

Moving and expanding Ottawa business to Toronto – best locations for your new offices

Of course, the very process of relocating your company from Ottawa to Toronto is challenging. This is unrelated to the size of your company and the number of office furniture and supplies you need to transfer. Since this is a long-distance relocation, it is best if you transfer everything to the new destination by hiring a verified, trustworthy moving crew that is experienced enough to do so. 

Furthermore, packing for such a long-distance relocation can be demanding, and even costly if it is not done appropriately. Saving on packing materials could seem like a good business decision at first. However, you might have a lot of expensive office equipment such as laptops or desktop PCs. You could potentially lose a lot of money in case it gets damaged. 

In order to pack appropriately and time effectively, you might want to consider hiring assistance for time-consuming tasks such as packing and isolating expensive office supplies. A capable crew will make sure to wrap any fragile or clunky items to ensure maximum safety during the long-distance move.

Expanding Ottawa business to Toronto – best locations for your new offices

Let us take a look at some of the best locations for your new offices in Toronto. 

Financial District

This area of Toronto is the commercial center of this city. Rental fees can be somewhat high in this part of the city. However, if you have the resources to invest, moving your office here is definitely worth the money. One of the things that separate the Financial District from other areas in the city is its proximity to PATH, the biggest shopping center in the world. Also, all major banks and IT companies like Facebook and Google are located here. 

Liberty Village 

This district was once an industrial district. Nowadays, it is an up-and-coming neighborhood as it is home to emerging business and IT sector companies. Furthermore, it hosts a variety of galleries, shops, and restaurants alongside large office space premises. 

Bloordale Village 

Bloordale Village was once an inactive residential area that has undergone a rehaul towards a cultural and business center. The official authorities have put in the effort to expand the city’s commercial real estate options via this project.

This short guide to expanding Ottawa business to Toronto – the best locations for your new offices has hopefully given you a clearer picture of how and where to relocate your company from Ottawa to Toronto.