Tips for a successful moving sale

Without a doubt, the best possible thing you can do before moving is getting rid of all the unnecessary items! And why is that? Because by selling the items you no longer use nor need, you will reduce the transportation costs as well as earn some extra cash to help you move. Moreover, you will save a lot of time and energy you would spend on packing those same items. So, how to organize a moving sale? Well, that is why we are here. Keep on reading for some great tips and tricks for a successful moving sale.

Advertise Your Moving Sale

The first thing you should do in order to organize a successful moving sale is to advertise it. You must spread the word. Start by advertising your moving sale online – on Facebook, Instagram, or even on Craigslist. That is the best and the cheapest way to let everybody know that you are having a moving sale. Then, consider advertising in your local newspaper too! Finally, put up several posters and signs in your neighborhood. Do all of this a couple of days, or even one week before the moving-sale day for the best results. Remember that a moving sale is a necessary step towards having a successful international relocation, or even a domestic one.

A sign pointing to a garage sale.
Put up signs that will attract many people to come to your moving sale!

Arrange Items Like Inside a Store

Maybe one of the best ways to organize a successful moving sale is to create a store-like atmosphere. And how to do that? Well, by properly categorizing, arranging, labeling, and of course, pricing each and every item. Dumping everything on your lawn or driveway will only push away all the potential buyers away. Nobody wants to dig through piles of junk in their free time. Thus, be smart! Get your tables and sheets out. Arrange all the items you are selling as if they are displayed in a department store. Sort similar groups together, hang the clothes, make everything neat and visible. Do this when organizing a garage sale, that is a yard sale, too!


Different items on a table displayed for a successful moving sale.
If your items are well-organized, they are more likely to sell.

Create a Safe and Welcoming Atmosphere

Last but certainly not least thing you must do in order to have a successful moving sale is to create a safe environment for yourself and a welcoming one for others. Firstly, make sure children and pets are occupied elsewhere. Then, place all the valuable items close to you so that you can keep an eye on them. Also, keep your wallet by your side at all times. This is what you should do for your safety. But, what about the customers? For them, you must create a welcoming but safe atmosphere. Play some music, offer some lemonade, and remember to keep smiling.