Find the perfect job before your Toronto move

If you’re looking for a fresh start with wide-range opportunities, Toronto is the place for you. Not only have we already determined the range and diversity that the city offers, but it gives so much more. It offers a variety of neighborhoods, a large number of schools and a deep pond for career development. However, it also comes with a price – literally. Toronto is not a cheap place to live in, and as such, you need to make sure that you find a proper job before moving there. This goes especially when you consider the costs of relocating and renting out a new place.

Reach the top by finding the perfect jobHow to secure a job before moving to Toronto

The steps you need to take when searching for a suitable job

Unless you are being relocated by your company, finding new work in a new city can be quite vexing. This is why we are here to offer some sound advice on how to go about doing it. When looking for employment, we all hope to find opportunities that correspond with our education and qualifications. Otherwise, what was the point of studying and preparing for it? Well, rest assured that Toronto offers a variety of channels to help you find that ideal job. But first off, you need to get familiar with the basic tools:

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN). A nine-digit number for which you need to apply for in order to work in Canada. It also offers various government benefits.
  • Proper Canada-style CV. You need to constantly keep your CV updates, as you never know when a new opportunity might arise. Your resume represents who you are professionally, and the better it is, the better you look. Many companies won’t even consider you unless you provide them with a proper resume. In case you are unsure how one should look, you can find examples.
  • Exploring the city resources when hunting for work. We previously mentioned that Toronto offers a lot of help for job seekers – all you need to do is know where to look. There are 15 Employment Resource centers across the city, each one there to help reach your education and employment goals. You can find trained specialists, tools and information necessary to help you find proper work.

Some sound advice when applying for that Toronto job before your move

Other than possessing the right paperwork and knowledge necessary for the position you are going to be applying for, there is the matter of getting yourself chosen from the rest of the competition. Depending on your character traits, this might prove to be the hardest part. So why don’t we discuss some key elements that might help get you there.

1. Make sure to apply for several jobs.

The goal here is not to be too confident and picky. No, we’re not saying that you should apply for everything you find. Make a list, go through the offers and think hard on how you fit in given your skill set and experience thus far. Never be so cocky as to presume that you will get the first job you apply for. You need to be aware that you are a drop in a sea of people looking for work in Queen City.

2. Don’t necessarily limit yourself to Toronto.

Even though it is a large city, it is well connected with the rest of Ontario. So if you find that there is an ideal opportunity outside of Toronto, don’t be afraid to go for it. If it comes to doing what you love long-distance and stressing yourself in central Toronto, the choice should be pretty obvious. And if you prove yourself, a promotion or suitable transfer might be just around the corner.

3. Incorporate your decision to move into your application pitch.

You’ve arranged for interviews with potential employers, but still have not moved. Use that to your advantage when talking about motivation. Make the person on the other side of the phone or Skype aware that you are looking for a fresh new start and why you consider that Toronto is the best place for that. Even if you don’t score the position, you might still make a good impression for a possible recommendation.

4. Show interest and flexibility for the job you are applying for.

Basically, what we are implying here is that preparation for interviews is important. It’s not just a matter of showing charisma and a smile – you need to back it up with knowledge. Don’t be lazy to go and do some research about the company you plan on working for. A lot of people can sweet-talk, but in order to stand out, you need to show the employer that you know what they are trying to do, and how you can contribute to that. This will also show them that you are devoted and how much getting the job would mean to you.
The other side of the coin would be to demonstrate flexibility. Whether it’s a early/late interview or having to travel to Toronto tomorrow for a face-to-face meeting, be willing and easy-going about it. Employers are always looking for indicators that will make the candidates stand out from the rest. So make sure that you give them more than enough material to put you at the top of the list.

Determination as a path
When we fall down, we get up – failure is not an option

Last but not least, an important finishing touch on this topic for your state of mind. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL. Every experience should be made useful and turned into a lesson for the future. If the first couple of interviews fail, do not give up. When you truly want something, you should be determined to go for it and you will end up finding it eventually. So, go out there and find the ideal job for your new start in Toronto – best of luck!