Finding long-term storage after moving from Idaho to Canada

Moving from Idaho to Canada is no easy undertaking. You have to find your new home, sell the current one, pack up everything you own, say goodbye to your loved one, etc. The list can go on and on. However, what people usually forget to do before they start preparing for relocation is find long-term storage. Yes, this may sound strange to first-time long-distance movers, but there are plenty of reasons why you would need storage. Some of those reasons are, for example, not having a home yet, having a home that is not ready yet, or having a home that is simply too small for everything you have.  So, if you do not want to unload all of your items on the street and leave them to their fate, you will have to find storage. But, do not worry – doing this is not as difficult as it sounds. And, we are here to help you out too! Thus, keep on reading to learn everything about finding long-term storage after moving from Idaho to Canada.

Start Your Search Ahead of Time

If you want to find a home in Toronto, research is the way to start. If you want to know everything about Toronto’s lifestyle and neighborhoods, research is the way to start. And, of course, if you want to find long-term storage after moving to Toronto, or any other city or province in Canada, you will also have to start with research. But, where does that research start? Well, it would be best if it would start with recommendations from the people you trust. Ask around and see whether anybody knows good storage providers in Canada.

If they do not, then, turn to the Internet. Do thorough research on every long-term storage you find. And, after you choose several you like, do a background check on them too! Yes, doing all of this may sound just too much – but, hey, you have to do it if you want your items to be safe and sound there. 

Two women talking about finding a long term storage after moving from Idaho to Canada
It is important to talk to people about finding long-term storage after moving.

Choose the Right Location

Okay, the next step towards finding long-term storage after moving from Idaho to Canada is choosing the right location. While you were doing the research mentioned above, you may have found some really nice, cheap, and visually-appealing storage facilities. Yet, are they close to your new Canadian home? If they are, amazing! But, if they are not, will you be willing to travel that far and that often? Or, will you be able to organize another relocation of those things once your new home is ready or once you decide that you need those things again? If the answer to all of these questions is NO, better back out from that storage unit and look for something much closer to your home. Moreover, if you encounter any difficulties during these initial steps, feel free to call experts from Peasley Transfer & Storage to help you out! 

Put Safety First!

It does not matter what you plan on storing, something very valuable and expensive or something cheap and ordinary, you still want to find everything intact, right? Of course! To do that, you must find a storage unit that puts safety first. You will recognize these storage units by being in a fenced area, guarded by a professional security guard, a lot of security cameras, top-notch locking systems, etc. On the other hand, if you find some storage unit in the middle of nowhere, with no cameras, and only a dog blocking your way – that should be your red flag. Get out of there! Do not try to cut corners when choosing long-term storage – doing this will end up costing you twice as much. When finding long-term storage after moving from Idaho to Canada, always look for the pricier ones – after all, good things always cost more.

The word Safety and some keys
There is a reason why safe storage units cost a lot!

Consider a Climate-Controlled Unit

Have you thought about the things you will be putting in long-term storage? Are those things something special like jewelry, musical instruments, artwork, antiques, electronics, etc.? Or, are those things something like ordinary pieces of furniture or everyday household nick-knacks? For the first group of things, we strongly advise you to get a climate-controlled storage unit. Only that kind of unit can actually take care of your items. With it, you will not have to worry about mold, mildew, dust, pests, and all other things that might compromise the well-being of your precious belongings. And, for the second group, feel free to go even with ‘the basic kind’ of storage units.

Moreover, whether you plan on storing your items in a basic kind of storage or in a climate-controlled one, if you want your items to stay intact, you must pack them well. You should gather proper packing materials and educate yourself on how to pack your items for long-term storage. But, do not worry! You can do all of this with the materials and techniques you are using for your long-distance relocation too! Just make sure you start ahead of time and not wait for the last minute – one week is enough time for all of this, so take that week off and prepare for relocation and storage in a stress-free manner.

Outdoor storage facilities.
If possible, always go for a climate-controlled storage unit.

Insurance – A Must for Long-Term Storage After Moving

When finding long-term storage after moving from Idaho to Canada, getting insurance is probably not going to be your top priority. That is understandable. You just want to find a place that can ‘hold’ your belongings and be done with it. However, not having insurance will not work in your favor in case something goes wrong. And, a lot of things can go wrong – there might be a fire, a flood, a pest infestation, criminal activity, etc. So, if you want to get compensated for the items that are ‘gone’, you should get insurance. Moreover, get it even for those items in climate-controlled units! If something happens to the temperature inside, or to the humidity, or even to the airflow, insurance is the only thing that can bring back your money for storing and for the damage.