Items that need to be stored in climate-controlled units

Climate change can affect many of your belongings. That is why you need to know about items that need to be stored in climate-controlled units. However, knowing how to pack your items for storage and finding good storage is demanding. So we are first going to go over how to pick a reliable climate-controlled storage unit. To help with your packing skills, read a packing guide.

Choosing a climate-controlled climate unit for your items 

The difference between a regular storage unit and a climate-controlled unit is that the climate-controlled unit can control the atmosphere. Because of the regulated atmosphere, changes in the weather won’t damage your belongings. Here is how to find the best option:

  • The first thing you need to do before getting a climate-controlled unit is to read the reviews. Choose companies that give this service and have favorable reviews. 
  • After that, the second thing is finding out the price. When you complete reading reviews, call the storage company and ask for the price. Make sure they have fixed rates and choose the best price for your budget.
  • In the end, decide for how long you are storing your items because this will massively affect your spending. 

Wooden and leather furniture are items that need to be stored in climate-controlled units

The number one killer of wooden furniture is moisture. With a reliable climate-controlled unit, you can have control of the humidity. By putting your items in climate-controlled storage, you will prevent moisture damage like wrapping, cracking, and rotting. 

The second item is leather furniture. Radical temperature changes will ruin it. It can crack and lose color. Therefore, if you need to put away your leather furniture, pick optimal storage. And if you need to move your heavy furniture, consider renting a moving truck.

a living room
You won’t have to worry about your furniture.

Family photos 

Family photos are there to serve as a monument of precious family memories. Temperature fluctuations can make your photos fade. If the heat is high enough, your family photos can melt together. You can lose them forever. To get all of your items in storage, you will need movers that provide the proper service to help you with that. can help. They can help you find movers and give tips on storage. 

Musical instruments are items that need to in climate-controlled units

Humidity and temperature changes can ruin your expensive musical instruments. If the weather is cold, the strings on your musical instruments can snap. Any wood musical instruments can wrap, and you will lose their beautiful sound. High levels of humidity can make your brass instruments start to oxidize and corrode. And the climate-controlled unit is a must for musical instruments, and make sure to reuse your moving boxes.

gray image of musical instruments
Musical instruments will be safe in a reliable storage unit.

The end

We have given you a shortlist of items that need to be stored in climate-controlled units. We hope that we have helped you and good luck with finding a storage unit.