Packing guide – Ranking the hardest and the easiest rooms to pack

The time has come for you to relocate. There has been a new development in your life, and you need to get to a new town. It is well-known that relocation is a strenuous task, especially a DIY move. There are just too many parts to handle, and the most dreadful task is packing. You have to be mindful of your things so that they do not break during transportation. To help you get everything in one piece to your new home, we are here to help you. We have a packing guide for you and at the end, we will rank the hardest and the easiest rooms to pack.

​The first item on our packing guide is to get ready for packing

How do we get ready for packing? Well, let’s see.

  • The first thing that we need to do is make an inventory. Go into every room in your house and write everything down. Keeping an inventory will allow you to keep things organized while packing. Also, it will make sure that you have not forgotten some item in the chaos of the move.
  • When we go to the inventory, the second thing you need to do is get supplies. A list will provide a lot of help with that. You have a list of items. Based on that list, you can calculate how much materials you will need. Get as many boxes as you need. You can get cardboard boxes and plastic boxes. Get some plastic bins for things that need extra protection. Makes sure to buy boxes of different sizes. To wrap your items, get packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts. To secure cardboard boxes so that they do not open in the moving truck, buy some strong tape.
  • The third thing you should get is a marker to label boxes.
  • The final thing in before we get to our packing guide is to get a moving truck so that you can transport all of your stuff.

​Packing guide to the living room

We have gotten all the necessary preparation out of the way so let get to packing the living room. The first thing you should start is getting all the electronics out of the way so that you can free up your furniture for later. The TV and the computer should be packed in original boxes. The boxes usually come with Styrofoam frames to protect them from being damaged.

When it comes to lamps, disassemble them. Pack the base of the lamp separately from the lampshade. You can stack lampshades on top of each other, but do not wrap them with paper that has ink on it. Ink can leave marks on your shades and ruin them.

When it comes to furniture, if you can take it apart, that is great. However, in most cases, you can not. The best option is to leave it as it is and protect your furniture with a sofa/table protector or old blankets. If you have rugs, roll them up.

an image of a living room
If you have mirror in your living room pack them carefully

​The kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, there is more thought put into it, so, prepare it on time . How do we prepare it on time? Well, we need to get the food out of the kitchen. Throwing food away would be a waste of money. Your best option is to eat it before you start to move. However, if that is not possible, you can always donate your food or give any leftovers to your neighbors.

When that is taken care of, you can start to pack. Make everything organized. Separate the pots and pans from the utensils. You can package your pans by putting the smaller ones in the bigger pots. This will save you space, put packing paper between them. When it comes to utensils, it is pretty simple to wrap them in cushioning and put them in a small box. For your kitchen appliances, the same applies to the electronics in the living room. Pack them in the box they came in. Glasses are the most delicate part of packing the kitchen. You can use boxes with dividers. If you have the original package that the glasses came in, that would be a great solution. For the wine glasses, make sure to put extra protection on the base.

an image of a white and grey kitchen
Our packing guide recommend you take extra precautions when packing wine glasses

​Packing guide to the bathroom

The bathroom is straightforward. There are not a lot of things to pack in the bathroom. Use the item in your bathroom to make an essentials bag. So put your toothbrushes, toothpaste in the essentials bag. Do not forget to check your medicine cabinet and get all your medicine. Pro-tip, pack the shower curtain.


Bedrooms are usually pretty easy to pack because there are not a lot of things inside them. When it comes to your bed, if you can disassemble it, you should. Protect every part of your bed so that you can use it as soon as you arrive. You can handle bulky bedding with ease. Just wrap it with packing paper and put it in the box. Make sure to label it. Your closet is probably in your bedroom, so pack up your clothes in suitcases. Wrap all the furniture in your bedroom with some protection. Heavy furniture from all around the house should be handle by professionals so that you do not hurt yourself. In addition, they will know how to load it in the truck and secure it so that it does not move around while being relocated.

an image of a bedroom
Pack the mattress first in the moving truck so that you can use it when you arrive

​Conclusion to our packing guide and ranking the rooms

The most demanding room for packing, in our opinion, would be the kitchen. There are many parts, breakable dishes, and glasses, and many appliances that need extra care. The bathroom is the easiest because there are not a lot of things to pack. The bedroom and living room areas are in the middle when it comes to difficulty. However, if you follow our packing guide, everything will be more comfortable, and make sure to reuse your moving boxes. Good luck!