Best Toronto neighborhoods expats should check out

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, and it has many things to offer new people. You can look at Toronto as like a Canadian New York. But in contrast to New York, Toronto is way friendlier. The city is diverse. About 50% of people living in Toronto were born elsewhere. So if you come here, you won’t be feeling alone. It has to offer different things, from sports to art, whatever a person might need. But before you sign a moving contract, check out the best Toronto neighborhoods expats should check out.

Let’s go over the benefits of living in Canada

Canada is one of the most safes places to live in the world. The country is immigrant-friendly and will welcome anybody from Kuwait to the UK. If you come to Canada for work, you will soon find out that the workspace is oriented around working as a team. You will see that every worker in a company is valued and respected. Workers get great perks, like paid holidays and maternity leave. Canada has an outstanding health system. With universal health care, you won’t have to worry about treatment.

Canadian flag
Canada respects immigrants, that is why you should learn about the best Toronto neighborhoods expats should check out

Even in all the beauty of Canada, Toronto stands out as the shining gem of the county. The city is business forward there are many business opportunities. It does not lack when it comes to excitement. You can try your whole life and still not learn about all the different hidden quirks about the city. So when you find a desirable neighborhood in Toronto, get to relocate you. They are a Kuwait-based international moving company that will handle every part of your move and get you to Toronto hassle-free.

The first on our list of best Toronto neighborhoods expats should check out is Old Town


Old Town is a part of Toronto with a lot of history. If you were to take a walk down the streets of Old Town, you can find many 19-century buildings still standing there. Because of the buildings, this Toronto neighborhood has a rustic feel to it. There are many landmarks in Old Town that transport you back in time:

  • Old Town is one of the best Toronto neighborhoods expats should check out – because of the Alumnae Theater. The Alum is a theater society established in 1918 by female graduates of the University of Toronto. There are still plays performed there to this day. In the beginning, there were only female actors, but later on, men were invited. However, the theater is still lead by mostly female staff members.
  • If you are interested in architecture, you must check out The Cathedral Church of St. James. It was built in 1853 by The Cathedral Church of St. James, and it is a beautiful presentation of Gothic Revival architecture. Many of Toronto’s most inflated people had their funeral there.

What’s most appealing for expats is the price of the real estate market. You should know that it is higher than the national average, which is expected. However, it is below average for Toronto. So if you are thinking of finding an apartment before arrival, you should check it out.

house with the light turned on
Rent is the biggest concern when moving into a big city so think before you pick the neighborhood in Toronto

The second on our list of best Toronto neighborhoods expats should check out Runnymede, Toronto

Runnymede is a quiet, safe, family-friendly neighborhood. Even though the place has had older houses in recent years, Runnymede has gone thru some renovations. Over 70% of people living in Runnymede are married. The neighborhood is easy to get around. You can walk anywhere in 20 minutes. In addition, the neighborhood crime rates are 40% lower than Toronto’s. However, we have to point out that the cost of living is higher than the Toronto average. But because you get many benefits, it is worth it. When you pick an apartment in Runnymede and need some things shipped, learn about this way of transport, sea freight which is the main way of transporting items around the globe. No matter where you are in the Arabian Peninsula, these Kuwait-based movers will get your stuff to Toronto in one piece.

The Annex is the final entry in our list of best Toronto neighborhoods expats should check out

The Annex is a neighborhood best suited for younger people. It is near the University of Toronto because of it the Annex has a younger crowd. It is popular with young entrepreneurs looking to get their business off the ground and network. However, you should know that the competition is steep and you will have to give it your best to stand out. The competition is harsh. Because many people there are highly educated, but if you make it, you can expect to learn a lot of money. The median income in Annex is higher than in Toronto. When you have completed your work, there are many nightclubs and bars in the area.

young woman in protective mask reading a book in the library
Make sure to be prepared because entrepreneurs in Annex are well-educated and hungry for success

What gives the neighborhood its charm is the Annex-style house. They were most popular in the 19th century and are unique to Toronto. The buildings are a mix of two types of architecture Richardsonian Romanesque and Queen Anne Revival. In the past, the buildings were used by the wealthiest people. Nowadays they have been divided into apartments. Read a packing guide, get your stuff in suitcases, and get to Annex to join the many businessmen, artiest looking to make it in Toronto.

The end

We have picked out what we think are the best Toronto neighborhoods expats should check out. But do not stop here. Learn more. Toronto is open to immigrants and will gladly welcome anyone willing to take a chance and make a new life in one of the cities many exciting neighborhoods.