Best Ontario cities for singles

When people talk about ‘cities for singles’, they mostly mean cities where the majority of people are actually single. In those cities, of course, it is much easier to have fun, date, and possibly even find a partner for life. But, those same cities must also be places where finding a job is possible, where rent is cheaper, where crime rates are low, where people are generally nice and friendly, etc. Luckily, Ontario, Canada, is full of those cities. So, how will you decide which Ontario city will you call home? Do not worry – we are here to help you out. We created a list of all the best Ontario cities for singles that you should definitely consider. Thus, before you start packing your bags and buying that one-way ticket to Canada, give this article a read – who knows, maybe you will learn something new.


It goes without saying that Toronto was and it will always be one of the best cities for singles! This city has a population of 2,9 million people, and approximately half of them are currently single. So, if you are looking to find love, this is the place to look first. The best part about living in Toronto is that this city is full of ‘happenings’. There is something going on 24/7, so whatever you like doing (partying, going on a branch, running, painting, etc.), you will certainly find the same-minded group of people in this city. Moreover, people here are very diverse! They all have different backgrounds, histories, cuisines, and even different languages, thus, whoever you are, trust us, you are not the only one.

Of course, living in Toronto has many advantages, but, there are also some disadvantages, unfortunately. Maybe one of the biggest disadvantages here is the expensiveness of pretty much everything – so if you do not have a high-paying job, better stay away from it.

A view of Toronto - one of the best Ontario cities for singles
Toronto is definitely one of the best Ontario cities for singles.


Welcome to the capital city! A city with amazing architecture, rich history, and a diverse nation. It is one of the best Ontario cities for singles, for the same reason Toronto is – it is huge and full of (single) people. However, the difference between these two cities is that Ottawa actually offers affordable living options, even though it is the capital. Yes, here you can find a home for a very reasonable price and the cost of the overall ‘living’ will not break your bank. So, if you like living in a metropolitan city but not pay the full price, maybe Ottawa is the city for you.

However, be sure to find help with transporting your items, though. The city is huge and getting around may be complicated – especially if this is your first time here. Professional movers will help you organize the entire international relocation and make sure your items arrive at your new address in one piece.


Most single people do not even consider Waterloo because they think it is mainly a family-oriented city. But, that is not true! Even though it is not a metropolitan city, Waterloo is full of possibilities. Some of the best colleges, universities and companies are actually located here. And, even if you cannot find a job in your field here, Toronto is just a short drive away. Many people commute from Waterloo to Toronto for work – another great way to meet some interesting souls.

Moreover, if you have a green thumb, you will love Waterloo! Everything here is green. Locals pay special attention to keeping everything picture-perfect. Parks, forests, lakes and river banks, etc., all look like a picture from a magazine. However, the city is not the only one looking green and healthy, people do too. Trust us, with all the gyms, yoga centers, and healthy ‘fast foods’, you will be healthy even when moving here.

A park in Waterloo
If you enjoy nature and practice healthy living, you will fall in love with Waterloo.


There is a stereotype that single people prefer bigger cities. And, there is a good reason for that – bigger cities offer more possibilities for having fun and dating. But, who says that smaller cities do not offer that too? Oakville, for example, is a perfect place for those people who enjoy that small-town feel but still want to go to restaurants and coffee shops from time to time. You can have fun, meet new people, and do whatever you want even when do not live in a crowded place.

Moreover, Oakville is very affordable too. You can buy or rent a property for a relatively cheap price. However, keep in mind that in Oakville, even though it is a small town, you will need a car to get around as public transportation is not well developed. If you have a car, find professional movers who can guarantee a safe and quick delivery. But if you do not, be sure to acquire one once you settle in.

A group of friends having fun.
Small towns are places where you can meet some of the best people.


Last but certainly not the least city on our list of best Ontario cities for singles is Burlington. It is a city that sits on a lake and has an amazing climate all year round. Here you can experience all four seasons and some of the most beautiful landscapes. So, if it is your time to move, at least consider Burlington. Trust us, you will not regret it! Just like Oakville, Burlington is also a relatively small city but it makes up for that by offering all sorts of things. Some of those things are festivals, gatherings, amazing neighborhoods, affordable living, close-knit communities, green areas, etc.Ā Burlington is also great for people who love animals! Almost 80% of locals here have a cat or a dog. So, if you have a furry friend too, you will certainly make new friends as soon as you move in.