Different techniques for labeling moving boxes

Just imagine having a lot of moving boxes laying around and not knowing which is which. You don’t know the order and where are all your kitchen appliances for example. So, what do you do? You open every one of them and try to remember where you packed what. You definitely want to avoid this one so make sure to take your time and label all the boxes correctly. There are different techniques to labeling moving boxes and we will show you now and maybe you will get inspiration.

Basic writing

The most basic one out there is very simple. You get a sharpie and write on the box itself. Just make sure you get a good quality sharpie – a black one preferably. So how do you do this? You reuse your boxes and pack by the room and simply write something simple like “kitchen stuff”. This will help you a bit when unpacking comes but it’s not the best technique ever.

labeling moving boxes
Labeling moving boxes are an important part of unpacking later on.

Labeling moving boxes is a very important part of packing. Also, it is a crucial part of unpacking. If that part is skipped unpacking can quickly become a nightmare.

Moving apps and color maping

There are many different techniques for labeling moving boxes and this one is very popular. The way it works is you download some good and free moving app on your smartphone. You make different checklists for every moving box and assign every checklist one color. That you take a sticker of that color and glue it to that box.

When the time to unpack comes you can look at your phone and know exactly what each box contains. This technique is very good and useful and so are those moving apps. They can help you with many aspects of relocation and not just making checklists so make sure to download some and try them on.

Writing everything down on a box

Some people prefer it this way. This is a real old school but it gets the job done. The only downside is that everyone can read your list. But if you are hiring reliable professional movers then you need not worry.

A woman using a smartphone
Labeling boxes? Well, there is an app for that too.

They will keep your items safe and sound until they reach your new destination. The most important thing while packing for a family move is to label boxes that are containing sensitive/fragile items. Also, make sure to label those boxes very bold and noticeable. You want everyone to see the “fragile” sign.

Good luck with your packing, and the best you can do is combine different techniques for labeling moving boxes. Hopefully, soon enough the time for unpacking will come and all your hard work will pay off.