Hong Kong family’s guide to Toronto: how to enjoy the city like a local

Toronto is a multicultural place with endless and everchanging activities for tourists to explore. Being the largest city in Canada, you should not expect to see everything in just one trip. However, we here at Toronto Local Movers will help you get the most of your trip. Let’s begin our Hong Kong family’s guide to Toronto. Learn how to enjoy the city like a local. 

Hong Kong family’s guide to Toronto: The CN Tower 

Located in Downtown Toronto and Standing at over 500-meters, the CN Tower is the tallest building in Canada. Completed in 1976 and added to the modern Seven World Wonders in 1995, it is the first thing you should visit. 

Seeing Toronto from the CN Tower is the best way to take in the city for first-time visitors from Hong Kong. You will get the best first-time impression of Toronto by seeing its beauty from above. The view will make you fall in love with the city, and soon you will wish to become a local yourself. And there are ways to enjoy the process of moving out of Hong Kong. With the right plan, you will move out of Hong Kong stress-free. 

There are four ways to see Toronto.

  • The first one is to take the elevator up to the glass floor and see the city from 340-meters up. 
  • The second way is to take the SkyPod up to 440-meters. 
  • For the brave ones who want their heart rate to rise, try the SkyWalk.
  • Finally, our Hong Kong family’s guide to Toronto recommends getting a helicopter tour to go even higher.

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Many young people decide to move to Toronto because the city is full of culture and history. The number one place to learn about the past in Toronto is Canada’s biggest museum, The Royal Ontario Museum. 

While the museum has an extensive collection, the number one thing that makes the museums stand out is the building. To be accurate, what catches the eye is the extension to the museum, known as the Crystal. 

a photo of a gray building
Any Hong Kong family’s guide to Toronto can not go without mentioning The Royal Ontario Museum.

When you get over the unusual look of the ROM inside awaits over six million historical items and forty galleries dedicated to histories of various cultures. You can allot a whole day to wander in the ROM and take in the various exhibits. If you want to experience the Royal Ontario Museum to the fullest, you might want to move to Toronto. And the most complicated and labor-intensive thing about moving is packing. You need to find assistance for this – local Hong Kong movers will come prepared with supplies and pack you up swiftly.

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

In the previous paragraph, we talked about where you can learn about history, now let’s talk about art. Not only does the AGO hold art, but the building itself is art. The building was renovated in 2008 by the architect Frank Gehry. He combined parts of the building, giving the gallery its new and modern look. 

The gallery’s permanent collection has over 3000 pieces of art. You can find various art from different artists and cultures. The Art Gallery of Ontario holds Canadian, European, contemporary, and many more art pieces from different styles and cultures. 

The most well-known work that the AOG has is by the Flemish Baroque artist Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Massacre of the Innocents. If you want to check out the Art Gallery of Ontario anytime you want to, pick one of the top Toronto neighborhoods for expats and move. 

a crème building with arched doors
See Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Massacre of the Innocents in person.

Hong Kong family’s guide to Toronto: Mingle with the locals in St. Lawrence Market 

If you want to see how the locals live, visit St. Lawrence Market on 93 Front St E. Tourists do not visit St. Lawrence Market because they have nowhere to cook their items. You will mostly find locals there, and this is a hidden gem for anybody visiting Toronto. There you can find local products and goods from all sides of the world. The market has different cheeses, meats, and fresh fruit and vegetables. You should pick out gourmet items to bring back home to Hong Kong for your friends and family to enjoy. Or, if you want to shop on St. Lawrence Market like the locals, relocate to Toronto. To arrive safely from Hong Kong to Toronto Relosmart Movers will assist you. They offer various moving services and can take care of all relocation tasks. 

Spend a day on Toronto Island 

Toronto Island is a small area in Lake Ontario near the downtown area of Toronto. If you want to spend a productive day full of activities on Toronto Island, you should visit Toronto in the summer. A small number of people live on the island, but people use the area for recreational activities. If you come during summer, you can go kayaking. But if being in a bot on a lake is not your idea of fun, you can choose more relaxing activities. You can come with your family, spend a day on the beach and swim in Lake Ontario. Or you can have a picnic or barbeque. And the best thing about Toronto Island is that it is a car-free zone. You will be able to relax without the clamor of the city. 

a view of Toronto
Check the view of the city from Toronto Island.

Hong Kong family’s guide to Toronto: Dine out 

As we have mentioned in the beginning, Toronto is a multicultural place. Because of the influence of different cultures, the food in Toronto is delicious. You can find a restaurant for any cuisine that you want. There are Greek, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and many more restaurants that serve dishes from their cultures. 

All set 

We hope that our Hong Kong family’s guide to Toronto is helpful to you when you visit Toronto. If you check the things we mentioned, you will feel like a local in no time.