How to apply for a job in Canada?

Did you know that Canada opens its door to 300,000 new workers from all around the world every single year? No wonder this vast country has become one of the favorite destinations for expats in search of better life and career opportunities. If pristine nature and excellent health-care system are not inviting enough, the standard of living is a deal maker for most of us. But first things first. In order to live in Canada, you need to find a job. And if you are looking for a way to apply for a job in Canada, keep reading. We’ll offer you some guidance on the way.

The cityscape of Ottawa.
Canada open its door to 300,000 foreign workers every single year

Even though Canada opens its door to a number of foreign workers each year, finding a job is not a piece of cake as many of us may think. You need to be eligible to obtain a work permit in the first place. However, even if you are, it still does not guarantee you’ll find employment. The Land of the Maple Leaf is in need of skilled workforce – educated, qualified and knowledgeable personnel. It does not mean you have no chances of finding employment without the qualifications of the highest degree. But you need to inspect local job markets and follow procedures. That is the only way to get to Canada.

Find out whether you’re eligible at all

Before you decide to move for a job, find out whether you are eligible to apply for a temporary work permit in Canada. In order to obtain a temporary work permit, you need to provide some information on your status. There is more than one precondition:

  • Prove you will leave Canada upon the expiry of a temporary work permit
  • Prove that your finances can sustain you and your family members until the end of your stay
  • You have no criminal records
  • Your presence is not a danger to Canada
  • You are in good health
  • The employer you are going to work for is not ineligible and  does not offer erotic or escort services

The list of requirements may be somewhat different depending on location. However, this is a list of general requirements that cannot be bypassed when you apply for a job in Canada.

Become a legal immigrant

If you are applying as a foreign worker, your potential employer is burdened with all kinds of requirements. First and foremost, a Canadian employer needs to obtain a positive LMIA from Employment and Social Development Canada. In other words, your potential employer needs to prove that the kind of work you are supposed to perform no Canadian is available to do.
As this is often too much to ask from an employer, many resorts to an easier way to apply for a job in Canada. If you obtain a status of a legal immigrant, a job search will be far easier. Not only can you choose your future employer, but you can choose your location as well. You can move locally or across the country in search of a better opportunity. Of course, moving across this vast country as a brand new immigrant is far from easy, but you can always find assistance for your local relocation. These issues remain in the background once you get a decent job.

Apply via Express Entry

Express Entry is an immigration system used for the assessment of applicant’s eligibility for residency in Canada. The system considers applicant’s age, qualifications, experience and language. Furthermore, it is linked to the Job Pool, an online service that informs candidates on all kinds of vacancies and jobs in demand in Canada.

People working on their laptops, taking notes.
Apply via Express Entry – it is your first step to obtaining Canadian residency

Should you be able to obtain a SIN (social insurance number), your way to a Canadian dream job will become much more realistic. You will be able to move for a job, choose your employer or make a career switch. Express Entry is the first step to a world of opportunities.

Conduct an effective job search

A job search is far easier nowadays than it used to be. There is a number of websites which list vacancies and in-demand jobs in various parts of Canada. According to these job search sites, some of the recent in-demand vacancies include the following: financial managers, sales managers, engineering managers, dentists, accounting technicians, etc.

Toronto cityscape.
Toronto is the center of technology and a good place to apply for a job in Canada

However, the job market largely depends on the location you’re moving to. For example, Ontario demands all kinds of experts in the sphere of software engineering, but there are numerous opportunities for data analysts and electrical engineers as well. Toronto is a technology center offering a plethora of IT jobs to professionals of various expertise. So, if you’re a software engineer or a computer programmer with a dream to live and work in Canada, pack your bags. Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario will promptly get you to your dream job!

Customize your CV to apply for a job in Canada

Even though Canada admits a number of foreign workers every year, this does not mean that the market is not competitive. You need to customize your CV to Canadian demands. It would be best to find a professional resume template online and present your skills in a simple, readable manner. Another useful piece of advice is to make it interesting. Your CV is a tool for obtaining an interview. You need to stand out among a number of other candidates. Tailor it to fit specific job requirements. Generic information will not set you apart from others. Be creative, truthful and list your achievements. But keep it simple.

Google your line of work and location

Don’t forget to explore the location you are moving to. You need to get some basic info about your new surroundings. Where can you settle in? Is housing affordable? What’s the average commuting time? What will be your everyday means of transport? You can ease your research if you google your line of work and add location. This way you can find out more about the local market and the opportunities within your line of industry, but also get the picture of living conditions. If you dream of becoming a Canadian, roll up your sleeves and make a move. Opportunities are there for the taking!