Tips for moving your pet to a colder climate

When moving your pet to a colder climate, you could have a lot of troubles to adapt it. You should know that every change of the routine for your pet is stressful. Animals, especially those who live in a protected environment, do not know how to adapt to new circumstances. If you put them in a new home that is colder, you can cause serious anxiety. Thankfully, veterinarians who have experiences with these problems make a list of advice for this situation.

Preparing for moving your pet to a colder climate

As in every other circumstance, moving starts long before the transportation day. It is not bad to ask professionals for advice. As the matter of fact, it is sort of information that Toronto Local Movers team offers to our customers. Make sure that your moving is not suddenly and in hurry.

Moving your pet to colder climate is not simple in spite of their fur
Fur is not a significant protection when moving your pet to colder climate

First of all, remember that they are not naturally protected from cold

People believe that animal has their natural protection – fur. As the matter of fact, we all know that ancient people used the animal fur for protection during winter. Well, things are slightly different when it comes to animal protection. Below the fur is a very thin layer of skin, making the animal seriously sensitive on coldness. Make sure that you know when your pet is cold.

Allow to your pet to make a layer of insulating fat

Even though we usually make sure that our pet is thin and vital, sometimes is not bad to have a little fat. It will protect their skin in a colder climate. Obviously moving your pet to colder climate starts months before moving. The best is to change their food, add fat and decrease number of daily walks.

It is allowed to use a warm cloth

The animal should use wardrobe as we do. When moving your pet to a colder climate, prepare a lot of wardrobe for them, too. If you are not sure how and where to buy, wait for the after moving. The best wardrobe for the cold weather have the stores in the countries with the longest winter. However, be prepared for moving the pet to different climate and possible coldness.

Make sure that you are traveling on spring or fall

Maybe you think that the best time for moving your pet to colder climate is the warmest period of the year. However, fall and spring have an optimal temperature. This temperature will help your pet to gradually adjust to a colder climate. It is especially important when moving the pet from warm to a cold climate.

Day of transportation

Finally, the Day D has come. You should be prepared for it, as well as your pet. Make sure that you have prepared everything important for this situation. Finally, your pet is about.

Ask veterinarian for advice when moving your pet to colder climate
Ask a veterinarian for advice when moving your pet to colder climate

Close the pet in a room when packing

Your pet will be very nervous while packing. It is good to put it in a bathroom or another room during that process. It will also prevent accidentally unlocking of them. When moving your pet to a colder climate, the first thing is preventing nervousness.

Prepare all for transportation

There are things that you should have in your car in order to prevent problems with a nervous pet. It includes:

  • Blankets – moving your pet to colder climate means that your pet could feel uncomfortable faced with cold winter;
  • First-aid kit – this is obviously important while any other moving, this time especially for a nervous pet;
  • Sweets and favorite toy – pets need something familiar when traveling, to feel comfortable and safe;
  • Carrier – finally, you will need this box, at least in some circumstances.

Prepare the pet for long transportation

Before traveling, make sure that your pet is prepared for that trip. Moving pet to different climate is not that serious as possible problems with a nervous pet because of long sitting in the same position. So, before traveling, try to prepare your pet for it. Make a few short rides days before moving. Before traveling starts, make a long walk around the neighborhood. Also, make sure that you have planned often pauses during traveling.

Prepare the vehicle properly

When moving your pet to a colder climate, the vehicle should be warm and roomy. Add a few blankets if it is needed. Before traveling learn your pet to stay in the carrier. Put its favorite toy or blanket and leave it inside for short time. You can prolong that time before moving. Finally, make sure that moving company is prepared for this type of moving. Do not worry about the moving company. Thanks to the good communication with our team, you will be able to plan your traveling properly.

Adapting to a new climate

Moving your pet to colder climate does not finish after transportation. Every animal needs time to adjust to the new home. It is even harder if it feels cold and uncomfortable. Use some of our advice and prepare them properly for this step.

Be prepared for the reaction

This is also one of the important things when moving your pet to colder climate. Your pet could be very weird when coming to the new home. Usually, it loves to hide and protect themselves from possible danger. Make sure that your pet is safe and leave him to explore the situation and new home. Try to stay in one room when this happening. Give him something that your pet knows well. It could be his toy, or a blanket that it has used in the old home.

Allow investigating new home

Even though this seems reasonable, your pet sometimes could be angry or mad when exploring new home. However, allow him that behavior. Make sure that it will not damage something. Put something familiar in corners or below the bed.

Prepare yourself for moving your pet to a colder climate

Finally, you will make a change in your life when moving your pet to a colder climate. Make sure that you have prepared everything for that step. Ask neighbors for a good veterinarian and make a short get-to-know visit. Inform yourself about good pet stores and parks for walking.

Dog walking in the snow.
One long exploring walking after moving your pet to a colder climate will help in adapting

Keep in mind that every pet needs a few weeks for adapting to a new home. Take the time and allow them to use that time properly. Do not force your pet to hurry up this process. It will make your pet and you much happier and relaxed at the end. When that day comes, give to your pet one long exploring walk around new neighbor. Dressed properly, of course.