How to avoid injuries when moving to Toronto

If you are planning on moving to Toronto, you are going to need to make good preparation plans. There is going to be a large amount of paperwork to take care of. Utility companies will not know that you have moved out unless you pay them a visit and let them know. Furthermore, if you have moved already before, you will know that moving is a lasting process that is not that easy to manage. It will require time and concentration. Afterward, you will be happy that it is all over with. You will have lost some of your nerves by then, but hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, right? Plus, if you are looking to save money on a move, you will probably be looking to move by yourself. In that case, you should make sure to avoid injuries when moving to Toronto.

Toronto aerial view
Preparing to move to Toronto? Follow our advises to move safely

Hire a professional moving company to assist your move

First of all, let us point out that the best way to make sure that no one gets hurt during your move to Toronto is to hire a professional moving company to assist you with your move. Professional movers, like Prodigy Moving, have the right tools and have been through the moving training. Furthermore, they take care of different types of moves on a daily basis. Therefore, they are skilled and experienced at their job. Given their knowledge of the subject, you can be certain that everyone and everything will remain undamaged during the move. Including you, your family and friends, and the moving company itself. Therefore, if you are looking to avoid injuries when moving to Toronto, opt for a reliable moving company and you will have done all in your power to keep everyone safe.

If you are moving by yourself

Now, if you are determined to move by yourself, you need to pay attention to the following aspects of the move in order to avoid injuries when moving to Toronto:

  • Use protective equipment
  • Clear the walking paths
  • Know the lifting techniques to avoid injuries when moving to Toronto

Use protection in order to avoid injuries when moving to Toronto

One of the first steps that you will need to take in order to avoid injuries when moving to Toronto is to use the correct protective equipment.

Wear gloves in order to avoid injuries when moving to Toronto
Gloves are important part of protection equipment that you should make sure that everyone wears

Given the fact that you will probably be needing help from your friends, you should make sure that all of them go home whole at the end of the day. Concentrate on the following:

  • No one should be helping you move in their flipflops. Actually, make sure that everyone wears closed-top shoes throughout the move. All of you will be carrying heavy and bulky items. People will need to be able to walk freely and confidently. So, should anyone even try to enter your old or new home in sandals or flipflops, don’t let them come in. People sometimes put themselves in a position of a provider. They feel like they need to provide heavy-duty boots for everyone. This shouldn’t be you. All that you need to do is that none of your friends assisting you wears the type of shoes that can put them in danger.
  • The next thing to pay attention to is to make sure that everyone wears long sleeves and trousers when lifting and carrying heavy items. Moving usually takes place during the summer. So, some of your friends may try to help out in t-shirts and shorts. You should be the one to politely ask them to put something else on. Aside from getting dirty in that type of clothing, long sleeves and trousers can provide some basic protection.
  • If you need to dispose of all hazardous material before moving to Toronto, make sure that everyone taking part in the deal wear proper protection
  • Protection of hands is very important. So, making sure that everyone wears protective gloves is your job. Gloves are pretty cheap. Therefore, you should buy them in advance. Hand them over to anyone who arrives to help out. This way, everyone’s fingers will remain safe and their grip enhanced.

Keep the walking paths clear to avoid injuries when moving to Toronto

One of the good things that you can do to keep your helpers healthy during the move is to pay attention to the walking paths. We have already pointed out that you will be carrying heavy stuff when moving. Therefore, you should establish a corridor that should remain free of any debris at all times. This is the corridor that you should walk when carrying heavy items.
The issue with walking paths is that people will sometimes leave tools around and forget about them. they may end up on the walking path. One might slip, drop the load, damage it and suffer injury himself. Without paying detailed attention to such small bits, none of you will be attending best summer festivals in Toronto but would be seeing a doctor instead.
Nails and screws represent another threat. They are small, sometimes difficult to see but easy to step on. Should you wear improper shoes, nails can go through your sole and cause injury to you. So, make sure to sweep the floor now and then in order to make sure that the walking path is clear.

A man snatching in a gym
Use proper lifting techniques in order to not injure your back when moving

Lifting techniques are crucial to everyone’s safety

There is not an easier way to hurt your back and spine than by using improper lifting techniques. Therefore, make sure to learn how to lift heavy items properly.
For example, if you are about to lift a heavy moving box, you should make sure that your knees, rather then your back, are bent. Keep your chest and head up and your back straight. Rising should be done in the knee joints rather than in your waist. Furthermore, make sure to lift only as much as you can. If there happen to be items that are too heavy for you, make sure to ask for help. This way everyone goes home healthy and you will avoid injuries when moving to Toronto.