Idaho cities where Canadians feel at home

An increasing number of Canadians are moving to Idaho and settling in cities all over the state. Every city, big or small, has the characteristics that differentiate and define it. The unique characteristics of every city will be described on this list of Idaho cities where Canadians feel at home. So, make sure you have them in mind when preparing for this transition.

Generally, the cities below are the most preferred places to live for Canadians. Mostly because of the standards of living and the culture. Idaho offers so much so it’s not surprising that it has one of the greatest places to immigrate. But, if you decide to move to Idaho, make sure you first know how to prepare for a long-distance moveBelow you’ll find some moving tips along with the best Idaho cities where Canadians feel at home

Writing equipment - Use it for finding one of the best Idaho cities where Canadians feel at home.
Start this mission with a plan!

To start this adventure, you will need a plan

Idaho contains plenty of beautiful and great cities you can consider moving to. Residents are enjoying everything that this place has to offer. With that in mind, even though you are Canadian, you won’t have any trouble finding your perfect spot. All you have to do is to inform yourself before you start anything. Find out how to get real estate agents who will discover the home that fits your requirements. Only when you know the location, you can prepare for the next part. That is using and similar spots to collect data about the move. Thanks to those, you will have everything you need to organize this mission properly. 

Meridian is one of the best Idaho cities where Canadians feel at home

As soon as you decide to relocate from Canada to Idaho, you need to know how to select the right city. And a city that fits many requirements is for sure Meridian. The greatest thing is probably its location. Meridian is surrounded by agricultural lands and mountains. It is an amazing place for raising a family, retiring, and simply enjoying. Meridian also has lots of great recreation spots for people of all ages. Also, here you will find a job in no time and affordable housing options.

So, when you realize that Meridian is the right place for you, you should get some local experts to give you a helping hand. Schedule the move, and let them handle the entire thing. Thanks to that, you won’t have anything to worry about while you can prepare for exploring this city. Just leave those boxes for unpacking, and have fun discovering the secret gems of this state.

Boise is also one of the best Idaho cities where Canadians feel at home.


This city is the perfect location for everyone who wants to come regardless of age. Here, Canadians will enjoy the excellent atmosphere and beautiful environment. Residents and tourists have an opportunity to discover Boise’s art, culture, and great people.

Learn everything about the benefits of hiring a moving company to help you relocate, and you will be good to go. Take your time to prepare well, and you will have nothing to worry about when the adapting period comes in Boise.


One of the greatest Idaho cities where Canadians feel at home is also McCall. When it comes to summertime, McCall brings several music and arts festivals. This period is special for the community because it brings together tourists and residents. Here you will enjoy motorized and non-motorized watersports. Along with that, there will be swimming, lounging on the shores, and breathtaking views. Apart from water entertainment, in McCall, you can also get some fun during winter. Idaho’s West Central Mountains are exactly what you need to spend your time at. In other words, you will never be bored in McCall.

Another thing you won’t have any problem with is considering your belongings. You see, no matter what place in Idaho you select, your cargo will reach its destination safely from Canada. Remember this, when organizing the move and when you need some international shipping services. 

Moving tips for relocating from Canada to Idaho

Moving requires a lot of planning, preparation, and things to do. But, when you’re moving internationally, there are even more things to consider. But, here are some moving tips that can help you when moving to Idaho from Canada.  

  • Get ready. The planning and preparation steps are crucial when moving internationally.  
  • Find a job
  • Work visas and permits. Learn how to get US citizenship
  • Learn how to pack. Knowing what you should pack when moving from Canada to Idaho may be a challenge. So, figure out what to take with you and what you” leave behind.  
  • Moving your belongings. Moving possessions across borders is an additional challenge when performing a relocation. So, know how to deal with movers, shipping, and customs to moving your belongings. 
  • Dea with the culture shock
Apart from the right city, you also need to pick the right home.

How to adapt to the new environment when start living in one of the best Idaho cities where Canadians feel at home

Relocating from Canada to Idaho is not a tough decision for those who have always wanted to live across the borders. But moving long-distance and preparing to live in new surroundings is a very hard decision. And your job is to learn how to get ready for this special challenge.

Canadians in Idaho will have a long time to explore its rivers, waterfalls, forests, and geological formations. All these things are great and it will be quite helpful when adjustment comes. You can enjoy areas of natural beauty wherever you go. Also, regardless of what city you select to live in you, will have the time of your life. And all you have to do is to prepare well for this transition, and the adventure will begin.

Some other Idaho cities where Canadians feel at home

  • Garden City
  • Idaho Falls
  • Lewiston
  • Pocatello
  • Rexburg
  • Sandpoint
  • Twin Falls