Key differences to prepare for when moving from Maryland to Canada in 2022

Relocating from one country to another is not necessarily difficult. Not unless you let it be. When you get the idea that you should relocate sometime soon, you should be prepared for each step of this process. There are plenty of differences to prepare for when moving, especially when moving from Maryland to Canada, for instance. Also, there are other things besides those differences to prepare for. You need to know how to move from Maryland to Canada in the middle of the peak season. It won’t be easy, that is for sure. But it is possible. Good organization and a good plan are the keys to everything here. You need to get everything together and start working on this. It will take a while, so don’t expect that you will be prepared overnight, or in a couple of days. That is not possible, at all.

One of the main differences is the openness of Canadians

Living your entire life in Maryland, you will be probably used to the way of life over there. And you most likely know from some stories that Canadians are very warm people. That, in fact, is not a stereotype at all. Not only Canada is open and more welcoming to any outsiders, but these days the doors to refugees are widely open as well. This is good for you because there would be some situations where you would feel like an outsider. But in Canada, you won’t. It doesn’t really matter where you come from, or where exactly you will relocate, the residents and locals will react the same. So, you can start browsing websites like for moving help if you want to feel welcome in this country.

Another good thing about Canada that makes them different is work-related

Believe it or not, when people say that Canadians know how to take a break, they really mean it. Compared to Americans, Canadians work much less. Every five hours you can expect a break when you are working in Canada. For sure, you have breaks in Maryland as well, but not everyone will take them. And for sure not that often.

When it comes to vacation, it is the same situation. In Maryland, or anywhere in the United States, many employees don’t even take the holiday if they even get one. But in Canada, as an employee of one year, you have a full right to have two weeks of paid vacation. If you love to travel, this country will give you many opportunities to do so. This is another one of the differences you need to prepare for when moving that is positive. So choosing between Toronto and Vancouver when it comes to jobs will be more difficult, since the rules stay pretty much the same.

Prepare for a bit of weirdness when moving from Maryland to Canada

There are plenty of differences between the US and Canada. And most of them are mostly positive. But some of them are just too weird to accept. Besides the fact that Canadians drink milk from plastic bags, and that they don’t even have a middle school for kids, there is more. As an American living in Maryland, you are used to eating out or drinking a coffee alone. Well, here, that is not very common. People believe that they must go out in groups, never alone. You won’t see anyone having lunch with themselves. Only with their friends or family members.

As soon as you relocate here, you can meet those friends. So better let experts handle it, while you have more free time to meet new people. They can pack everything in less than a day, and by the end of it, they can relocate you. So, it won’t be a problem for them, as it would be for you. While they deal with all the things that are related to the relocation, you can focus on meeting new people, so you have someone to have lunch with. You must adapt to them, though, not the other way around.

Group of people sitting and having lunch together.
One of the things Americans find weird is the fact that you can never see Canadian eating alone.

People rarely shop online

This will probably sound quite shocking to you, but Canadians don’t shop even close to Americans online. Not only in Maryland but in the entire United States, online shopping is something that everyone is doing, on a daily basis. Well, you will stay in shock when you get to Canada and realize that people here don’t use that much. They barely use it at all. Say goodbye to using Amazon every single day after moving from Maryland to Canada. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, since you can change that habit of online shopping and maybe spend even less money. When you are moving out for the first time, you will need to save as much as possible after that so you can fully recover.

Person trying to buy something online with a phone.
Forget shopping online, people here prefer to go and buy things in person.

The coffee routine

If you are a coffee lover, this one might be the worst for you. Actually, it depends on what kind of coffee you like to drink. But the majority of inhabitants in Maryland, and all over the United States are addicted to Starbucks. There is not even one single day when they don’t drink it. At least one cup per day. Well, when moving to Canada, you will have to prepare for a huge difference. People don’t drink Starbucks here. In fact, you will need to adapt to Tim Horton. The same as Starbucks is in the US, Tim Horton is in Canada. You can literally find it everywhere.

Person holding a coffee cup in the car.
One of the biggest differences to prepare for when moving from Maryland to Canada is that there is no Starbucks but Tim Horton’s.

Last but not least, free healthcare

Probably one of the biggest differences to prepare for when moving from Maryland to Canada is health concerns. In Canada, the healthcare system is not perfect. But it is completely free. While as you know, in Maryland, it’s quite the opposite. So, forget about paying enormous bills if you need to go to the hospital and get examined. At least something good that every person that is relocating might need at some moment.